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soy soy 07/21/21(Wed)18:30:27 No. fb-31FBK2DR [Report]

>here is what the current federation map looks like >i drew this by downloading the following json of every board of every known instance (poopchan seems to be down). >each instance has a color (above it) and each colored line mean the respective instance is pulling. >i will look into a less retarded way to draw a graph. if you know one, leave a suggestion

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)18:41:06 No. fb-61B18R9W [Report] >>fb-2TBTJF50

>>fb-31FBK2DR (OP) i don't get it theres a program available now that auto generates a federation map

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)18:47:31 No. fb-2TBTJF50 [Report] >>fb-7CETOQVL

>>fb-61B18R9W the tism is strong in this one. op is making fun of the constant blog updates from other thread.

Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)18:51:45 No. fb-7CETOQVL [Report]

>>fb-2TBTJF50 you're right i guess i am autistic

File 940c3970035c1ece7d29c4b689(...).png (237.35 KB)
sage 07/21/21(Wed)19:07:29 No. fb-5SUHX853 [Report]

>>fb-31FBK2DR (OP) Certified idiot retard moment

File 6bf1c3b5654144bc1cb37bb073(...).jpg (133.19 KB)
Anonymous 07/21/21(Wed)21:17:08 No. fb-R29AGLNN [Report] >>fb-95GD5WKH

>>fb-31FBK2DR (OP) i am sorry my thread is triggering you autism fren, but don't worry, i will soon pack up and move to /prog/ also, your drawing is very cute, you seem to have put a some effort editing a soyak just for me, it think it is flattering, thank you

File frens.png (306.49 KB)
Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)14:44:48 No. fb-95GD5WKH [Report] >>fb-ZFXA8F29

>>fb-R29AGLNN Have a non-watermarked version, fren. Courtesy of Fedorachan.vip.

Anonymous 07/23/21(Fri)15:22:22 No. fb-ZFXA8F29 [Report]

>>fb-95GD5WKH bless you fedifren *tips hat*

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