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Last known list of Instances Anonymous 10/03/21(Sun)05:07:53 No. fb-3GFWUZ72 [Report]

https://penchan.xyz https://poopchan.org https://2hu-ch.org http://kyogi7dxn3mr6a7eabaqh3jnxbbqbhty46aqstuhmqmokcxgr4vnbpid.onion https://fitchan.xyz https://miruku.cafe https://chan.clubcyberia.co https://usagi.reisen

Anonymous 10/03/21(Sun)05:12:26 No. fb-67Q01BWI [Report]

>>fb-3GFWUZ72 (OP) Okay this time I didn't fuck it up

Anonymous 10/03/21(Sun)05:31:37 No. fb-5WCQ16UO [Report]

if i can find what went wrong i'll have fchan back up, but i can only assume database access was gained. it feels weird having it offline. but it might be good fedi wise in distribution.

Anonymous 10/03/21(Sun)16:06:04 No. fb-E16MIOO1 [Report]

>>fb-3GFWUZ72 (OP) well clearly somethings going wrong if the instance list disappeared far before fchan did

Anonymous 10/04/21(Mon)03:18:52 No. fb-JV08UOWU [Report] >>fb-DP8L5HV8

Missing: https://bbs.killthepresident.club/ https://0x00000000.xyz/ https://fedorachan.vip/ https://26ch.org/

Anonymous 10/04/21(Mon)13:23:28 No. fb-DP8L5HV8 [Report] >>fb-EV413Q3W >>fb-XX4MJ2PD

>>fb-3GFWUZ72 (OP) >https://2hu-ch.org down >https://fitchan.xyz down >https://miruku.cafe/ down >https://chan.clubcyberia.co down >>fb-JV08UOWU >https://bbs.killthepresident.club/ down >https://fedorachan.vip/ down >https://26ch.org/ down

Anonymous 10/04/21(Mon)13:26:17 No. fb-EV413Q3W [Report]

>>fb-DP8L5HV8 Instances that are actually up: >https://usagi.reisen/ >https://penchan.xyz >https://poopchan.org >http://kyogi7dxn3mr6a7eabaqh3jnxbbqbhty46aqstuhmqmokcxgr4vnbpid.onion >https://0x00000000.xyz/

Anonymous 10/04/21(Mon)13:43:37 No. fb-XX4MJ2PD [Report] >>fb-ANF2N999

>>fb-DP8L5HV8 miruku is actually up it's just the index is broken cause fchan is down

File 2021-10-04_09:59:39_%.png (21.71 KB)
Anonymous 10/04/21(Mon)14:00:46 No. fb-ANF2N999 [Report]

>>fb-XX4MJ2PD weird

Anonymous 10/04/21(Mon)21:02:01 No. fb-P5EPH6AD [Report] >>fb-N8JXIQRU

Are we under attack? I'm scared.

Anonymous 10/07/21(Thu)02:49:56 No. fb-N8JXIQRU [Report] >>fb-73POA11E

Fitchan will be back up when whatever vulnerability wiped fchan is patched. >>fb-P5EPH6AD Fchan Dev says there's a vulnerability but whoever exploited it did so to nicely demonstrate instead of anything malicious. So, no but we could have been.

File 1616427312152.png (121.92 KB)
Anonymous 10/07/21(Thu)04:18:49 No. fb-73POA11E [Report] >>fb-K444HKHX

>>fb-N8JXIQRU It was an accident! Seems like it was fixed, but the vulnerability can only work on fchan.xyz anyway because of this if statement. https://github.com/FChannel0/FChannel-Server/blob/e490998c196e5c7a64e8903a500078f5c98e3dad/main.go#L1358

Anonymous 10/07/21(Thu)12:16:23 No. fb-K444HKHX [Report]

>>fb-73POA11E lmao was it you? >that link Oh I might come back up then. We have some weird DB issue that I need to fix but after that we will be back.

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