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Anonymous 07/25/21(Sun)03:34:56 No. fb-KL1T6Q1O [Report]

did the newfags from cuckchan start necroposting??? look what you fucking did you shill

Anonymous 07/25/21(Sun)03:44:47 No. fb-A4HWW3HS [Report]

>>fb-KL1T6Q1O (OP) the admin should block visitors coming from shitchan, just saying

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Anonymous 07/25/21(Sun)04:08:57 No. fb-KSA8NFKK [Report] >>fb-JPJ4ZZS6 >>fb-OI6RFG4W >>fb-UR27ZG4F

>>fb-KL1T6Q1O (OP)

File 0cf03471dc2855c23cc4945da8(...).mp4 (17.67 KB)
Anonymous 07/25/21(Sun)05:41:27 No. fb-JPJ4ZZS6 [Report]


Anonymous 07/25/21(Sun)19:50:44 No. fb-W3EH8GUD [Report]

>>fb-KL1T6Q1O (OP) they won't stop

Anonymous 07/26/21(Mon)02:00:23 No. fb-OI6RFG4W [Report] >>fb-FAL1QIXX >>fb-IHYTTL65

>>fb-KSA8NFKK what even happened the 25 of may at 00:07:37 UTC

Anonymous 07/26/21(Mon)02:47:21 No. fb-FAL1QIXX [Report]

>>fb-OI6RFG4W cancer confirmed

Anonymous 07/27/21(Tue)03:40:56 No. fb-UR27ZG4F [Report]

>>fb-KSA8NFKK lol why would i post this?

Anonymous 07/27/21(Tue)12:09:29 No. fb-IHYTTL65 [Report]

>>fb-OI6RFG4W lurk more retard

Anonymous 08/20/21(Fri)21:39:43 No. fb-Q2M8U4HH [Report] >>fb-D8C7N25N

>>fb-KL1T6Q1O (OP) necro'd

Anonymous 08/20/21(Fri)23:51:34 No. fb-D8C7N25N [Report]

>>fb-Q2M8U4HH OP here, give me 5 reasons why i shouldn't rape you to death

Anonymous 09/21/21(Tue)22:42:38 No. fb-6CRY73HB [Report]


Anonymous 09/21/21(Tue)22:49:51 No. fb-KNNVNQDE [Report]

>Necro is bad I never understood why forum niggers are like this. Bumping old shit is based and is better than starting new threads about same topics because you already have a whole thread.

Anonymous 09/23/21(Thu)20:19:34 No. fb-KG9AUAN2 [Report]

>>fb-KL1T6Q1O (OP) >nothing >literally nothing #raped

Anonymous 11/10/21(Wed)17:10:24 No. fb-2O953QSL [Report]


File 1bb22d83a5a6e7e51db43b1163(...).jpg (31.49 KB)
Anonymous 11/10/21(Wed)18:20:49 No. fb-78ZUAPAC [Report]

necroposting is fine. Most forum admins were fags anyway. Not as gay as Discord admins, but still gay.

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