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File: 31F7BA06-B8D5-4732-8495-E0(...).jpeg (190.56 KB)
Anonymous 09/26/21(Sun)20:09:58 No. fb-L3F2UO5L [Report]

Hey 😉 my name is patience enjoy my sexy BBW tits

Anonymous 09/26/21(Sun)20:14:42 No. fb-Q9AP7AKW [Report]

>>fb-L3F2UO5L (OP) >pays him back for calling her a whore by actually being one

File 14A53447-6D01-4D82-820D-F1(...).jpeg (419.50 KB)
Anonymous 09/26/21(Sun)20:28:16 No. fb-Y2CVJ1G7 [Report] >>fb-TT6BQSI1

Maybe… he should’ve been nicer and maybe I wouldn’t have fucked everyone he knows.

Anonymous 09/26/21(Sun)20:45:17 No. fb-TT6BQSI1 [Report]

>>fb-Y2CVJ1G7 go away bot

File 7612ADA3-9FCA-48F0-B711-C8(...).jpeg (388.42 KB)
Anonymous 09/26/21(Sun)21:06:28 No. fb-8SJ5SG3S [Report] >>fb-TADCDY4V

I’m not a bot.

Anonymous 09/27/21(Mon)01:06:37 No. fb-TADCDY4V [Report] >>fb-76AYU6EH

>>fb-8SJ5SG3S you're a cringe larper stealing photos from F-Bchan

sage 09/30/21(Thu)01:14:21 No. fb-5Z69NPS0 [Report]

>>fb-L3F2UO5L (OP) fuck off faggot nobody likes lardasses take your degenerate ass out the door

File 77309744-683B-4109-936E-CE(...).jpeg (303.70 KB)
Anonymous 11/06/21(Sat)09:09:52 No. fb-76AYU6EH [Report]

>>fb-TADCDY4V I’m not a bot and why should I go away? I just like showing off my slutty body.

File 6B9D2855-4734-46F8-96D4-9E(...).jpeg (1.66 MB)
Anonymous 11/06/21(Sat)09:11:02 No. fb-FNUIUBUG [Report] >>fb-TCPC10DO

If you found me tied up like this what would you do?

Anonymous 11/06/21(Sat)13:12:29 No. fb-2AAN3TTU [Report]

>>fb-L3F2UO5L (OP) imagine tittyfucking those milkies

File external-content.duckduckg(...).duckduckgo.com.jpeg (98.18 KB)
Anonymous 11/06/21(Sat)23:59:38 No. fb-TCPC10DO [Report]

>>fb-FNUIUBUG keep you tied up, move it out to the yard, and buy a new bed. euck.

Anonymous 11/10/21(Wed)17:13:45 No. fb-U816LBM0 [Report]

>>fb-L3F2UO5L (OP) no, your name is Louise

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