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File: desktop.png (5.94 MB)
Desktop Bread Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)07:53:36 No. fg-F2D95307 [Report]

Post em if you gotem

Anonymous 01/17/21(Sun)17:02:35 No. fg-5B09DEEC [Report]

>>fg-F2D95307 (OP) Does the T480 screen need fractional scaling?

File desktop.png (15.57 KB)
Anonymous 01/18/21(Mon)01:34:47 No. fg-5E7BAE5D [Report] >>fg-D7E9B822


Anonymous 01/18/21(Mon)01:35:52 No. fg-D7E9B822 [Report] >>fg-05BD0FE9

>>fg-5E7BAE5D you boys think I should add wallpaper?

File Screenshot from 2021-01-17(...).png (1.25 MB)
Anonymous 01/18/21(Mon)01:47:39 No. fg-07B2A56E [Report] >>fg-M1SCS54B

Anonymous 01/18/21(Mon)04:52:45 No. fg-05BD0FE9 [Report]

>>fg-D7E9B822 Yes, put Jesus Christ over that screen.

Anonymous 01/18/21(Mon)10:36:49 No. fg-5FC7759D [Report] >>fg-6E37CGA9

>>fb-A72B44GE → this is fchan /g/ bro, 0x /b/ has posts from all other boards

Anonymous 01/18/21(Mon)13:36:54 No. fg-6E37CGA9 [Report] >>fg-8F870G6D

>>fg-5FC7759D That seems like a very bad idea.

Anonymous 01/18/21(Mon)16:13:24 No. fg-8F870G6D [Report]

>>fg-6E37CGA9 I think it just poc for the board federation since this is still an early development. Well, if you run your own instance technically you can do the same to your own board.

Anonymous 01/18/21(Mon)17:47:30 No. fg-A6571D48 [Report]

why are there no thumbnails? loading a 6mb png just looking at the catalog is pretty bad

File 2021-06-23-151429_1600x900(...).png (286.42 KB)
Anonymous 06/23/21(Wed)20:13:19 No. fg-IR6VLJ15 [Report] >>fg-M1SCS54B

>>fg-F2D95307 (OP)

File aigd7l53dh861.png (256.74 KB)
Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)02:56:46 No. fg-RAH961GF [Report] >>fg-M1SCS54B

>>fg-F2D95307 (OP) I use ctwm like this fellow But mine is too bland to be posted here ...

File 2021-06-24-090059_1919x107(...).png (1.02 MB)
Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)13:02:41 No. fg-P7QC42AT [Report] >>fg-DJO6SBN8

DWM is best WM

File babe.png (840.00 KB)
Anonymous 06/26/21(Sat)20:20:18 No. fg-ZLGKUR9A [Report] >>fg-PG7HLS1I >>fg-2E06HLX5

here's mine, feelscomf

Anonymous 06/27/21(Sun)15:40:25 No. fg-PG7HLS1I [Report]

>>fg-ZLGKUR9A >floating mode on DWM what a fucking chad

File 2021-07-07_09-39-38.png (484.84 KB)
Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)07:42:16 No. fg-L5R1BB3T [Report]

it's uhh, a desktop or whatnot i suppose.

Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)16:16:34 No. fg-OVMRQZK7 [Report]

>>fb-A72B44GE → Your boards fucked mate this is /g/ for everyone else

File desktop.png (2.64 MB)
Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)16:42:21 No. fg-OA5FS39H [Report] >>fg-TELMF2RQ >>fg-M1SCS54B

pink cat's desktop

File 2021-07-07-194901_1920x108(...).png (798.71 KB)
Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)23:49:33 No. fg-NX1KA0YL [Report]

File rice2021.png (703.96 KB)
Anonymous 07/08/21(Thu)02:11:57 No. fg-866RRYLI [Report] >>fg-M1SCS54B >>fg-80YA1QGE

>>fg-F2D95307 (OP) I'm always confused by these threads, no one actually uses floating mode for anything other than taking screenshots right? anyway here's mine.

Anonymous 07/09/21(Fri)05:35:18 No. fg-2E06HLX5 [Report] >>fg-JVHP92EY

>>fg-ZLGKUR9A How usable is OpenBSD btw? I would switch to OpenBSD (using arch right now) but I heard firefox is really slow on OpenBSD For now I see OpenBSD in the same light as plan9 A research os ...

Anonymous 07/09/21(Fri)05:37:07 No. fg-TELMF2RQ [Report] >>fg-WPSDUGRK

>>fg-OA5FS39H is that xfce?

File D9CD3848-45D7-4B90-AE8F-E1(...).jpeg (2.76 MB)
Anonymous 07/10/21(Sat)23:18:43 No. fg-QYI8R329 [Report] >>fg-NLQH74UB

Let me guess, you need more?

Anonymous 07/10/21(Sat)23:25:49 No. fg-WPSDUGRK [Report]

>>fg-TELMF2RQ Yep

Anonymous 07/10/21(Sat)23:55:37 No. fg-NLQH74UB [Report] >>fg-F990PHES

>>fg-QYI8R329 >inb4 you killed X to post this

Anonymous 07/11/21(Sun)01:06:40 No. fg-F990PHES [Report] >>fg-DHN0UV97

>>fg-NLQH74UB Modern Linux doesn’t have 2d acceleration (easily) for the rage 128, so I stay out of X if I can. Sitting in i3 doesn’t use too much ram but if I use netsurf I’m usually hitting swap to load pages.

Anonymous 07/11/21(Sun)01:40:18 No. fg-JVHP92EY [Report]

>>fg-2E06HLX5 firefox is def a bit slower because of the security mitigations the devs add in, but its not unusable or anything. there'a few guides you can use to increase performance and such like this one https://archive.is/azLkh but overall its pretty great. its very neat compared to linux, good manpages and simple system. its definately orders of magnitude more usable than plan9 though lol. i would recommend

Anonymous 07/11/21(Sun)01:58:56 No. fg-DHN0UV97 [Report] >>fg-L7GODNKR

>>fg-F990PHES base chad taking pictures of a toaster and uploading them to a salvadorian AmigaOS archive website

Anonymous 07/11/21(Sun)03:30:14 No. fg-L7GODNKR [Report]

>>fg-DHN0UV97 Honestly it was easier and faster to phone post vs connecting to my nfs share or use a flash drive to post it on my PC. Definitely catches people off guard though.

Anonymous 08/04/21(Wed)06:23:06 No. fg-M1SCS54B [Report]

>>fg-F2D95307 (OP) nice taste >>fg-07B2A56E Holy proprietary! Why would you use spotify, torrent your music like a normal person. >>fg-IR6VLJ15 >>fg-RAH961GF >>fg-OA5FS39H >>fg-866RRYLI patrician taste

File 2021-08-04-135042_3840x108(...).png (3.48 MB)
Anonymous 08/04/21(Wed)17:55:04 No. fg-DJO6SBN8 [Report] >>fg-II3QDONV

>>fg-P7QC42AT New distro, no more transparent terminal

Anonymous 08/04/21(Wed)19:37:58 No. fg-II3QDONV [Report]

>>fg-DJO6SBN8 >no more transparent terminal I'm glad more people are growing out of the retarded meme.

File ss.png (117.18 KB)
Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)14:43:18 No. fg-QDM92W19 [Report] >>fg-VEGC9Z9Q

Anonymous 08/09/21(Mon)04:15:40 No. fg-VEGC9Z9Q [Report]

>>fg-QDM92W19 based 9chad is this a vm or a lap top?

File rice2021_2.png (600.50 KB)
Anonymous 08/15/21(Sun)03:05:32 No. fg-80YA1QGE [Report] >>fg-A0FYL38B

>>fg-866RRYLI update, new wallpaper, new font, removed transparency in terminal

Anonymous 08/15/21(Sun)15:16:00 No. fg-A0FYL38B [Report]

>>fg-80YA1QGE good change anon, looks nice

File 2021-09-03-090250_1920x108(...).png (89.80 KB)
Anonymous 09/03/21(Fri)07:06:02 No. fg-4SI675D8 [Report]

Pretty basic right now but Window Maker is still my favorite WM.

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