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How does fchan.xyz works and how is it decentralized? Anonymous 07/26/21(Mon)11:15:02 No. fg-X4RKYUVE [Report]

I want to learn more about decentralized social media, but I cannot find any good resources online.

Anonymous 07/26/21(Mon)14:08:05 No. fg-SEZMNXVQ [Report]

>>fg-X4RKYUVE (OP) Look up Fediverse, and the activitypub protocol. Fchan is based off of ActivityPub and Fediverse is just a collection of various decentralized social media-ish sites

Anonymous 07/26/21(Mon)18:46:56 No. fg-9I3O8PMG [Report]

>>fg-X4RKYUVE (OP) https://activitypub.rocks/ ActivityPub works with inboxes and outboxes. an actor sends a post to their outbox, and an actor that is subscribed to that actor's outbox will recieve their messages in their inbox. boards in fchan are actors, and they subscribe to other board's outboxes. this is basically it, pleroma and peertube use the same mechanism for their posts, and every interaction (including likes and comments) is sent as an activity to the reciever's inbox and the sender's outbox.

Anonymous 07/27/21(Tue)18:21:03 No. fg-1CEM9TAH [Report]


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