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File: 1619287487649.png (32.55 KB)
/cumg/ - Cooming Utilities & More General Anonymous 04/25/21(Sun)12:03:43 No. fg-224HRMU5 [Report]

>Links Wiki: https://coom.tech/ https://rentry.co/coom >Endchan Board (because the jannies here hate us) https://endchan.net/cumg/ >What is /cumg/ In this thread we discuss technology and software for cooming, data-hoarding, scripts, and more. >Hydrus Network https://hydrusnetwork.github.io/hydrus/ You are using Hydrus, aren't you anon? You do contribute tags to Hydrus PTR right anon? >LoliSnatcher Droid https://github.com/NO-ob/LoliSnatcher_Droid

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File daa52d98d43cc1155c3f634701(...).jpg (84.67 KB)
Anonymous 07/19/21(Mon)09:46:32 No. fg-ZE53F9SV [Report]

>>fg-V5WHFWYJ this is a christian board, sinning is not allowed

Anonymous 09/14/21(Tue)22:40:21 No. fg-NK8ZGBIN [Report]


File irokebijin-90cm-s-abby2.jpg (236.51 KB)
Anonymous 10/02/21(Sat)00:01:46 No. fg-NM35WK5S [Report] >>fg-FW2J9VYX

I'm very tempted to buy a sex doll. I'd dress her up neatly in elegant goth fashion and store her inside of a coffin. I would then pretend that she's an ancient vampire princess that I get to fuck as often as I want because she's hybernating.

Anonymous 10/02/21(Sat)12:17:15 No. fg-FW2J9VYX [Report] >>fg-ZWBRM98I

>>fg-NM35WK5S >storing your cum dumpster inside a closed container imagine the smell actually that'd just make it more realistic, you'd open the coffin and be hit by the smell of death

File sexdoll-piper-akira-6.jpg (265.81 KB)
Anonymous 10/02/21(Sat)13:53:00 No. fg-ZWBRM98I [Report]

>>fg-FW2J9VYX Obviously I'd clean it and dry it before putting it back in.

File: 1200px-Text_document_with_(...).svg.png (54.76 KB)
Anonymous 04/28/21(Wed)16:41:05 No. fg-292GKEZ6 [Report]

Are there any good open source apps for viewing Word documents, etc. on Android? OnlyOffice looked good, but apparently their mobile app is closed source.

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Anonymous 05/07/21(Fri)21:51:43 No. fg-8022MN6X [Report]

>>fg-BEFICWTC Do you mean this one? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.collabora.libreoffice

File 46136414313338.png (211.42 KB)
Anonymous 05/20/21(Thu)07:51:57 No. fg-CCX7F0P2 [Report] >>fg-EMNWO0KK

>>fg-292GKEZ6 (OP) document viewer on F-droid. works great.

Anonymous 07/02/21(Fri)07:54:08 No. fg-EMNWO0KK [Report]

>>fg-CCX7F0P2 this. Werks pretty good. Also, check Markor if you want.

Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)15:29:07 No. fg-0HSA42LM [Report]

>>fg-292GKEZ6 (OP) I use LibreOffice Viewer https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.documentfoundation.libreoffice/

Anonymous 09/28/21(Tue)09:10:12 No. fg-LEA5ZYJ5 [Report]

>>fg-8022MN6X There was a viewer https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.documentfoundation.libreoffice/ but not quite updated, might still work

File: JPEG_XL.png (25.39 KB)
JPEG XL support Anonymous 08/12/21(Thu)03:56:49 No. fg-3T1IXMQU [Report]

Can JPEG XL be enabled now that even current ungoogled-chrome has support for it built-in ( chrome://flags/#enable-jxl)? Supported browsers: https://www.caniuse.com/jpegxl

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File JPEG_XL.png (25.39 KB)
JPEG XL support Anonymous 08/13/21(Fri)03:46:26 No. fmeta-PKFHXX98 [Report] >>fmeta-EZYM1QCK >>fmeta-QGEQOID2 >>fmeta-H2QPKXME >>fmeta-P8NJX1KC

Can JPEG XL be enabled now that even current ungoogled-chrome has support for it built-in ( chrome://flags/#enable-jxl)? Supported browsers: https://www.caniuse.com/jpegxl Also requested was webp, posted this on /g/ before I saw meta >>fg-3T1IXMQU (OP)

Anonymous 08/17/21(Tue)21:24:27 No. fg-RT5KQNKG [Report] >>fg-F4X08QL1

>>fg-3T1IXMQU (OP) What is this "JPEG Xl"?

Anonymous 08/17/21(Tue)22:35:06 No. fg-F4X08QL1 [Report] >>fg-HUQ35XWJ

>>fg-RT5KQNKG The most efficient image format that is practical to use. This was ~2MB as PNG, now it's ~1MB as JXL. Lossless: https://files.shittyurl.org/z4izory7.jxl If you haven't JXL support enabled in your browser yet, download and feed it into https://squoosh.app/ instead. But if fchan allowed the format, we could directly shitpost with jxl.

File download.jxl (0.04 KB)
Anonymous #Usagi 09/21/21(Tue)11:20:17 No. fg-JHM2HAKU [Report]


File Screenshot_20210923_032355.png (23.44 KB)
Anonymous 09/23/21(Thu)10:26:33 No. fg-HUQ35XWJ [Report]

>>fg-F4X08QL1 avif in real world usage offers better compression ratios compared to jxl, even if the avif encoder is slow as balls. in overall usage (as well as niche professional use cases) id still give jxl the win considering that the encoder is much faster. but for the benefit it offers to people who need to encode, jxl is unduly cuntish to passive consumers who must decode images. i have a massive booru collection ive encoded to both avif and jxl formats, but decoding jxl is more taxing than avif to the extent that dolphin (which i assume is doing something stupid like regenerating thumbnails) spikes the cpu usage to 100 each time the jxl folder is opened, but not on the avif folder. i havent rigorously tested or compared the time it takes to open images in gwenview (its usually negligible for both avif and jxl) but on the really high resolution images it sadly takes many seconds to decode the image (both on avif and jxl) when png or jpg is almost instantaneous. ymmv, im on a core2duo so something made in the last decade may have better results

File: external-content.duckduckg(...).duckduckgo.com.jpg (13.06 KB)
i2p chat in biglybt Anonymous 08/31/21(Tue)06:47:10 No. fg-8KLD9D9L [Report]

biglybt chat:anon:?lain wiki https://wiki.biglybt.com/w/Decentralized_Chat it takes a while to load the first time , no servers , no mods , everything is allowed have fun niggers

Anonymous 09/01/21(Wed)02:54:09 No. fg-J3XRGM1M [Report] >>fg-02ZQAIZU

>>fg-8KLD9D9L (OP) no one is online

Anonymous 09/01/21(Wed)03:02:57 No. fg-02ZQAIZU [Report]

>>fg-J3XRGM1M it worked but it takes a lot until it opens

Anonymous 09/03/21(Fri)08:56:32 No. fg-WBXDI0MB [Report]

>>fg-8KLD9D9L (OP) i know biglybt , it's absolutely based , didn't know it has a chat system

Anonymous 09/08/21(Wed)19:49:01 No. fg-VG3Q1UHS [Report] >>fg-QX7DTQCC

>>fg-8KLD9D9L (OP) this thread glows

Anonymous 09/22/21(Wed)19:05:40 No. fg-QX7DTQCC [Report]

>>fg-VG3Q1UHS fuck you also bump

File: 20210914_162951.jpg (172.30 KB)
Anonymous 09/14/21(Tue)23:31:04 No. fg-5VOUHR0C [Report]

you dont use epik as a hosting provider right anon?

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Anonymous 09/16/21(Thu)03:24:26 No. fg-0R858JJ8 [Report]

>>fg-5VOUHR0C (OP) here is the torrent https://ddosecrets.com/images/1/13/EpikFail.torrent

Anonymous 09/17/21(Fri)02:48:39 No. fg-K7UTX4FF [Report] >>fg-E4QFA743

>>fg-5VOUHR0C (OP) i have it but it's just connected to a dead VPS. surely this isn't an issue... right???

Anonymous 09/17/21(Fri)02:49:04 No. fg-GW6WYE2T [Report] >>fg-E9LJG1AM

>>fg-3N9XTLXP >not posting from kyogi nice try anon

Anonymous 09/17/21(Fri)06:06:36 No. fg-E4QFA743 [Report]

>>fg-K7UTX4FF all account detail was leaked. account credentials, everything. i dont see it as a problem though.

Anonymous 09/18/21(Sat)19:27:11 No. fg-E9LJG1AM [Report]

>>fg-GW6WYE2T i meant my website only exists on tor but i am not the sort of schizo to route everything through tor

File: 3ff10def5ad5b6daa5440ff5b1(...).jpg (178.19 KB)
Freetardism and Trivial Technology Anonymous 08/21/21(Sat)13:43:19 No. fg-VGIRVGAN [Report]

https://digdeeper.neocities.org/ghost/freetardism.html = problem? https://xj-ix.luxe/wiki/trivial-technology/ = solution?

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File E84BCnPVoAA5pWp.jpeg (328.82 KB)
Anonymous 08/29/21(Sun)21:16:02 No. fg-TEOGWK5Q [Report]

>>fg-FX8UZSGH based aesthetics appreciator

Anonymous 08/31/21(Tue)14:31:54 No. fg-W2XECU30 [Report]

>>fg-VGIRVGAN (OP) >listening to neocities retard article ever your first mistake. trivial technology is based doe ngl, gpl is cancer

Anonymous 08/31/21(Tue)14:33:15 No. fg-NE65YOZR [Report] >>fg-I4BBDTWQ

>>fg-GB5XIR3T piss and shit your dogshit liscence to death about it faggot. enjoy getting subverted by companies because "nooo don't steal code!!" and not being able to contribute to good software projects. die out

Anonymous 08/31/21(Tue)19:21:44 No. fg-I4BBDTWQ [Report]

>>fg-NE65YOZR you should just dilate instead of posting on my board :^)

Anonymous 09/14/21(Tue)06:47:12 No. fg-UP6GD9ZH [Report]

>>NE65YOZR >get subverted because you don't allow them to cuck you Lol

File: gnulinux.png (31.08 KB)
Anonymous 08/14/21(Sat)07:41:57 No. 0A0CASWI [Report]

I will get a laptop soon and will probably use it in public. I already have my own custom GNU install, but I don't my normalfrens to know my powerlevel. Is there any distro that looks "normal", but is meant for powerusers?

Anonymous 08/14/21(Sat)13:14:32 No. fg-M65YJ54Q [Report] >>fg-9SWTEF43

>>0A0CASWI (OP) >Is there any distro that looks "normal" Distros are all the same, only difference is the package manager (and some libs i guess). Get a custom WM setup and rice it to however you want if you really want that "normal" look.

Anonymous 08/14/21(Sat)23:22:35 No. fg-9SWTEF43 [Report]

>>fg-M65YJ54Q /thread

Anonymous 08/15/21(Sun)01:19:16 No. fg-F5ITPDWW [Report]

>>0A0CASWI (OP) use openbox or xfce. xfce you can easily make it look like a windows machine or osx with the custom themes if you want to trick normies.

Anonymous 08/17/21(Tue)21:20:58 No. fg-03GWTU5H [Report]

>>0A0CASWI (OP) I use XFCE with a windows 95 theme(chicago95) but you'll probably want a windows 10 theme

Anonymous 09/05/21(Sun)05:38:56 No. fg-GUBPWINV [Report]

>>0A0CASWI (OP) If we're just talking about "looks" then distributions don't matter. Just change the desktop environment. I'd say go for KDE since it's the more windows-like DE out of the box. If you really mean distro then Ubuntu is the more popular one and the only one used by enterprises and powerusers.

File: desktop.png (5.94 MB)
Desktop Bread Anonymous 01/16/21(Sat)07:53:36 No. fg-F2D95307 [Report]

Post em if you gotem

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File ss.png (117.18 KB)
Anonymous 08/05/21(Thu)14:43:18 No. fg-QDM92W19 [Report] >>fg-VEGC9Z9Q

Anonymous 08/09/21(Mon)04:15:40 No. fg-VEGC9Z9Q [Report]

>>fg-QDM92W19 based 9chad is this a vm or a lap top?

File rice2021_2.png (600.50 KB)
Anonymous 08/15/21(Sun)03:05:32 No. fg-80YA1QGE [Report] >>fg-A0FYL38B

>>fg-866RRYLI update, new wallpaper, new font, removed transparency in terminal

Anonymous 08/15/21(Sun)15:16:00 No. fg-A0FYL38B [Report]

>>fg-80YA1QGE good change anon, looks nice

File 2021-09-03-090250_1920x108(...).png (89.80 KB)
Anonymous 09/03/21(Fri)07:06:02 No. fg-4SI675D8 [Report]

Pretty basic right now but Window Maker is still my favorite WM.

File: gnunet-logo-dark-text.png (30.34 KB)
/p2p/ - P2P, Decentralization & Privacy General Anonymous 03/07/21(Sun)01:38:49 No. fg-VF0POXSF [Report]

>-Privacy Tools, Addons, Websites, Operating Systems, etc.- PrivacyTools: https://privacytools.io Techxodus: https://wiki.techxodus.org >-Software- Freenet: https://freenetproject.org GNUnet: https://gnunet.org IPFS: https://ipfs.io libp2p: https://libp2p.io ZeroNet: https://zeronet.io >-Anonymity- Tor: https://www.torproject.org I2P: https://geti2p.net Lokinet: https://lokinet.org >-File Sharing- Tribler: https://www.tribler.org >-Video- Peertube: https://joinpeertube.org Odysee: https://odysee.com >-Chat- Jami: https://jami.net Matrix: https://matrix.org XMPP: https://xmpp.org >-Social media- GNUsocial: https://gnusocial.network Pleroma: https://pleroma.social >-Crypto- Monero: https://www.getmonero.org >-Link aggregator- Lemmy: https://join.lemmy.ml >-Marketplace- OpenBazaar: https://openbazaar.org

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Anonymous 04/08/21(Thu)20:29:59 No. fg-6IOS9K6C [Report]

>>fb-Y24T7X8O → >hardcoded >open-source i fail to see the problem problem

File DjNHPi0VsAA688Z.jpg (71.76 KB)
Anonymous 04/13/21(Tue)01:57:18 No. fg-VLS10SFQ [Report]

>>fg-VF0POXSF (OP) Monero is Cringe - NSA hipster dude.

Anonymous 08/20/21(Fri)10:15:48 No. fg-11UHSH18 [Report]

>>fg-VF0POXSF (OP) Are there any Lemmy instances without the slur filter other than derpy.email?

Anonymous 09/01/21(Wed)13:07:32 No. fg-V7H4S23P [Report]

>>fg-VF0POXSF (OP) GNUnet is for file sharing and anonymity and should go in those sections too

Anonymous 09/03/21(Fri)08:55:44 No. fg-167LKJ7K [Report]

>>fg-VF0POXSF (OP) where is biglybt ? it's one of the best torrent clients and p2p networks not only torrent client im using it and im never using any site/tracker for my torrent search everything is found in it's swarm search

File: 2021-08-29-183708_306x150_(...).png (11.86 KB)
Anonymous 08/29/21(Sun)22:38:56 No. fg-17LVMM0B [Report]

i've finally taken the gentoopill. has anyone else taken said pill????

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Anonymous 08/31/21(Tue)00:56:29 No. fg-5QRXHSML [Report]

>>fg-FYK25N4W Not for long!

Anonymous 08/31/21(Tue)14:27:45 No. fg-1RH790PF [Report] >>fg-FB5JF2H9

>>fg-17LVMM0B (OP) autistic meme. just use alpine or void or something

Anonymous 09/01/21(Wed)03:06:56 No. fg-FB5JF2H9 [Report]

>>fg-1RH790PF used void for a while, it was cool but annoying to deal with sometimes. I'm liking gentoo way better

Anonymous 09/01/21(Wed)03:09:15 No. fg-9BXVQONO [Report] >>fg-DIHJJ4T1

>>fg-17LVMM0B (OP) I like to run up to date ssystem. Having to compile every update is cute at first, but grows tiresome.

Anonymous 09/02/21(Thu)02:20:33 No. fg-DIHJJ4T1 [Report]

>>fg-9BXVQONO i don't really care about bleeding edge i just update like once every month

File: 1658_20210412_213558_b4gaJ(...).jpg (121.13 KB)
Thread Creation / Deletion Anonymous 08/17/21(Tue)11:38:44 No. fg-D93Q4DPA [Report]

Is it even possible to create a new thread?

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Anonymous 08/17/21(Tue)15:35:35 No. fg-XS5G9D9Z [Report] >>fg-M4O6P681

>>fg-7ELMHOXT idk it's either a glitch with the software or devchan / the instance owner deleted it

Anonymous 08/17/21(Tue)18:28:19 No. fg-M4O6P681 [Report] >>fg-L7P02P3I >>fg-LROAQV0S >>fg-LYAXAUG6

>>fg-D93Q4DPA (OP) >>fg-7ELMHOXT >>fg-XS5G9D9Z i only really delete duplicates that cross boards and if there is already the same thread. and... i might accidently delete a thread becuase the admin controls are right above the post and easily misclicked. unless someone says something, i do not know if things get eaten by the server or not. ill look into this post.

Anonymous 08/17/21(Tue)20:23:41 No. fg-L7P02P3I [Report]

>>fg-M4O6P681 based benevolent devchan

Anonymous 08/18/21(Wed)14:13:19 No. fg-LROAQV0S [Report]

>>fg-M4O6P681 that sounds like an issue kek

Anonymous 08/29/21(Sun)21:21:12 No. fg-LYAXAUG6 [Report]

>>fg-M4O6P681 Did you discover anything? Tangentially, do you keep a log of moderator actions?

File: 1629866331497s.jpg (12.54 KB)
FDA Approval - Details Edition Anonymous 08/25/21(Wed)06:20:43 No. fg-NINXAMP5 [Report]

https://www.fda.gov/media/151710/download "We did not refer your application to the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee because our review of information submitted in your BLA, including the clinical study design and trial results, did not raise concerns or controversial issues that would have benefited from an advisory committee discussion." https://www.fda.gov/advisory-committees/blood-vaccines-and-other-biologics/vaccines-and-related-biological-products-advisory-committee "The Committee reviews and evaluates data concerning the safety, effectiveness, and appropriate use of vaccines and related biological products which are intended for use in the prevention, treatment, or diagnosis of human diseases, and, as required, any other products for which the Food and Drug Administration has regulatory responsibility. The Committee also considers the quality and relevance of FDA's research program which provides scientific support for the regulation of these products and makes appropriate recommendations to the Commissioner of Food and Drugs." Also from FDA approval letter see: The review of this product was associated with the following National Clinical Trial (NCT) numbers: NCT04368728 and NCT04380701. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04368728 Recruitment Status : Recruiting Estimated Primary Completion Date : May 2, 2023 Estimated Study Completion Date : May 2, 2023 https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/study/NCT04380701 Actual Study Start Date : April 23, 2020 Estimated Primary Completion Date : April 2023 Estimated Study Completion Date : April 2023

File: owdih.jpg (51.19 KB)
Anonymous 01/18/21(Mon)03:37:00 No. fg-78D9FEF8 [Report]

So now that this is here - what can we do with it? Should we plan something??

Anonymous 01/18/21(Mon)03:39:45 No. fg-A863G2F7 [Report]

Admin-anon will make it better. /prog/ anons will contribute code. Once code is stable other anons will host instances. I will advocate for free software on /g/. The cycle continues.

Anonymous 04/16/21(Fri)22:41:48 No. fg-P3HXV0ZV [Report] >>fg-CFI9OW82 >>fg-GKXN148U

>>fg-78D9FEF8 (OP) We need to make sure this site surpasses the user base of the OTHER fchan. I don't want this site overshadowed by the furries.

Anonymous 08/17/21(Tue)21:39:54 No. fg-CFI9OW82 [Report]

>>fg-P3HXV0ZV that could backfire desu

Anonymous 08/18/21(Wed)23:30:06 No. fg-GKXN148U [Report]

>>fg-P3HXV0ZV so you're saying we should turn it into fascism chan? oWo

File: 1610716278739.png (1.37 MB)
Anonymous 01/18/21(Mon)08:12:24 No. fg-3217114D [Report]


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File test.jpeg (8.56 KB)
Anonymous 01/21/21(Thu)01:39:24 No. fg-454BC937 [Report] >>fg-52905B21


Anonymous 01/21/21(Thu)04:10:15 No. fg-52905B21 [Report]

>>fg-454BC937 you weren't supposed to see that -.-

Anonymous 01/29/21(Fri)08:38:26 No. fg-CE60G8A0 [Report]

>>fg-56665AFF We all down for that fun time

Anonymous 01/29/21(Fri)11:38:43 No. fg-9E498E7D [Report]


Anonymous 08/18/21(Wed)07:21:39 No. fg-6XEIJEBP [Report]

>>fg-3217114D (OP) Cunny

File: wiki_banner.png (19.37 KB)
Debian 11 (Bullseye) Anonymous 08/15/21(Sun)03:52:58 No. fg-W4S5SP4A [Report]

https://www.debian.org/News/2021/20210814 It's update time desbians

File homeworld_desktop.png (129.51 KB)
Anonymous 08/15/21(Sun)03:53:14 No. fg-M3FE046K [Report] >>fg-U0BOLGDV

Anonymous 08/15/21(Sun)15:14:18 No. fg-U0BOLGDV [Report]

>>fg-W4S5SP4A (OP) >>fg-M3FE046K how long do you niggas even wait for an update

Anonymous 08/17/21(Tue)06:38:42 No. fg-05AINLWG [Report] >>fg-ZO1MO3KV

Ride like the wind

Anonymous 08/17/21(Tue)21:17:50 No. fg-ZO1MO3KV [Report]

>>fg-05AINLWG kek

Anonymous 08/18/21(Wed)04:34:23 No. fg-UX26QWHT [Report]

>>fg-W4S5SP4A (OP) nice, about damn time. now to upgrade all the servers and other boot partition.

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