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Dreams Anonymous 11/16/21(Tue)11:44:25 No. fpen-HN2IKED3 [Report]

just woke up from this very strange one >on a train >talking with @thor about programming over a medium that looked like a literate source code file >turn and watch things go by out the window from time to time while doing the above >dream somehow transitions to reading a post from @snow@wintermute about why I should and how to give people HIV >I approach a couple of science fiction writers, a man and a woman, while holding the post on a paper notebook in my hands >and by couple, I mean they were married >I show the post to the women and ask "you are a science fiction writer, right" "yes" "do you think this is possible" >wake up >mfw

Anonymous 11/16/21(Tue)15:12:49 No. fpen-GLX32QKP [Report] >>fpen-PHL4NKPK

>>fpen-HN2IKED3 (OP) >dreaming about fedi its so fucking over. its definately wierd that you would ask science fiction writers whether giving people HIV is possible. were you asking that or more like whether that post should be possible?

Anonymous 11/24/21(Wed)22:18:44 No. fpen-PHL4NKPK [Report]

>>fpen-GLX32QKP iirc it was about giving HIV in a unusual way. Can't remember what that way was though. maybe it was by posting to them online. anyway, does anyone else have any dreams that they want to share?

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