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Graphene oxyde in Covid vaccines Anonymous 08/08/21(Sun)16:26:43 No. fpen-RSN1B3Z8 [Report]

There is graphene oxyde in Covid vaccines. This substance is a poison, it makes you sick, and it also is possible to connect it, when inside your body, to the 5G. Here are some links: https://odysee.com/@ExcaliburTraduction:4/Poison-Vax-Covid-Ex-Employ%C3%A9e-Pfizer-Wl-1:f? https://odysee.com/@letablierblanc:4/06-Loxyde-de-graph%C3%A8ne---Dr-Jane-Ruby:8?

Anonymous 08/08/21(Sun)20:28:05 No. fpen-597F6TO9 [Report] >>fpen-UI1SPIAK

what does this have to do with pens/spotting

Anonymous 08/08/21(Sun)21:11:08 No. fpen-UI1SPIAK [Report]

>>fpen-597F6TO9 Nothing i guess.

Anonymous 08/09/21(Mon)04:04:23 No. fpen-QTH94C5K [Report] >>fpen-CVBL3Y65 >>fpen-W5VBMFCT

pen has hit rock bottom officially just delete the board

Anonymous 08/09/21(Mon)10:35:15 No. fpen-CVBL3Y65 [Report] >>fpen-HUJC8C8I >>fpen-P12CCGEI

>>fpen-QTH94C5K Well in this case it would be better to create a paranormal board, were this thread belongs.

Anonymous 08/09/21(Mon)14:56:20 No. fpen-HUJC8C8I [Report] >>fpen-FFCCPEPM >>fpen-SKIO8ERG

>>fpen-CVBL3Y65 an /x/ would be nice ngl

Anonymous 08/09/21(Mon)18:49:51 No. fpen-W5VBMFCT [Report]

>>fpen-QTH94C5K No

Anonymous 08/09/21(Mon)20:13:59 No. fpen-FFCCPEPM [Report]

>>fpen-HUJC8C8I Federated boards fit especially those paranormal and conspiracies subjects. /x threads are prone to censorship.

Anonymous 08/10/21(Tue)05:07:01 No. fpen-P12CCGEI [Report] >>fpen-3FAYLZVT >>fpen-JDBGMIW3

>>fpen-CVBL3Y65 there's like thirty fchan users total, at most. just put shit on /b/ there's literally no purpose for boards rn

Anonymous 08/10/21(Tue)12:15:43 No. fpen-3FAYLZVT [Report]

>>fpen-P12CCGEI then which one of us made this thread

Anonymous 08/10/21(Tue)17:26:39 No. fpen-JDBGMIW3 [Report] >>fpen-SKIO8ERG

>>fpen-P12CCGEI bro it doesn't matter. there's bound to be a few sch/x/ophrenics lurking around and it might be a slowish board, but it definately wouldn't be the slowest one

Anonymous 08/11/21(Wed)11:32:46 No. fpen-SKIO8ERG [Report] >>fpen-PUNWYCLS >>fpen-M9QXPC3X

>>fpen-HUJC8C8I >>fpen-JDBGMIW3 Apparently, an /x board already exist on the federated chans. See https://chan.clubcyberia.co/x Someone someone add it on fchan.xyz please.

Anonymous 08/11/21(Wed)13:27:40 No. fpen-PUNWYCLS [Report]

>>fpen-SKIO8ERG >someone you have to get on your knees and beg devchan for that

Anonymous 08/11/21(Wed)13:50:31 No. fpen-M9QXPC3X [Report] >>fpen-EGLY82E2 >>fpen-HNBXRD9C

>>fpen-SKIO8ERG If its on cyberia its a lost cause, the admin there is an insane abo with early onset dementia that huffs petrol at every chance she gets

Anonymous 08/11/21(Wed)16:39:52 No. fpen-EGLY82E2 [Report] >>fpen-BL2AOWL5

>>fpen-M9QXPC3X Apparently, there is a parallel /x on federated poopchan: https://poopchan.org/x

Anonymous 08/11/21(Wed)17:53:11 No. fpen-HNBXRD9C [Report]

>>fpen-M9QXPC3X sauce????

Anonymous 08/11/21(Wed)19:34:36 No. fpen-BL2AOWL5 [Report]

>>fpen-EGLY82E2 bruh french billionare child-eating decaphile no thanks also nice try sam the rapy

Anonymous 08/13/21(Fri)15:22:59 No. fpen-KAXB57YM [Report] >>fpen-86VDIVOB >>fpen-CC44GUCY

>>fpen-RSN1B3Z8 (OP) >vaccines >connect to 'the' 5G Is technology just magic for you or what?

Anonymous 08/13/21(Fri)16:20:46 No. fpen-86VDIVOB [Report]

>>fpen-KAXB57YM t. retarded faggot good job

Anonymous 08/13/21(Fri)20:07:21 No. fpen-CC44GUCY [Report] >>fpen-C6QIJND7 >>fpen-SR9H8ST4

>>fpen-KAXB57YM Apparently graphene oxyde is conductive of electricity and electromagnetic fields.

Anonymous 08/27/21(Fri)15:49:41 No. fpen-C6QIJND7 [Report]

>>fpen-CC44GUCY the new is hemoglobin is made of actual iron metal, we're all going to wifi now.

Anonymous 08/27/21(Fri)23:03:36 No. fpen-SR9H8ST4 [Report]

>>fpen-CC44GUCY your ass is conductive to my fat balls retard

Anonymous 08/28/21(Sat)13:19:12 No. fpen-0FJNE2XN [Report] >>fpen-WT3BND5P >>fpen-VRVGY1EJ

New video about the effect of the injected poison. https://odysee.com/@SilvanoTrotta:f/Danger-:a

Anonymous 08/28/21(Sat)16:48:01 No. fpen-WT3BND5P [Report]

>>fpen-0FJNE2XN Shut the fuck up faggot

Anonymous 08/28/21(Sat)17:20:38 No. fpen-VRVGY1EJ [Report]

>>fpen-0FJNE2XN nigga post this on pol literally 0 people care

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