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File: 2021-08-19-141723_929x797_(...).png (85.78 KB)
Anonymous 08/19/21(Thu)18:19:06 No. fpen-V4LW1ZKO [Report]

you troglodytes have a containment board for a fucking REASON

Anonymous 08/20/21(Fri)12:20:49 No. fpen-WJ9YZBOJ [Report]

>>fpen-V4LW1ZKO (OP) there is no reason in this horrible reality

Anonymous 08/20/21(Fri)13:13:33 No. fpen-NNJPVZDB [Report] >>fpen-EP3QMF9K

>>fpen-V4LW1ZKO (OP) And who are you?

nukie 08/20/21(Fri)17:59:53 No. fpen-EP3QMF9K [Report] >>fpen-8QT5I3WQ >>fpen-CCXJYTHP

>>fpen-NNJPVZDB who are any of us really

nukie 08/20/21(Fri)22:41:07 No. fpen-8QT5I3WQ [Report] >>fpen-TG7G1942 >>fpen-CCXJYTHP

>>fpen-EP3QMF9K i'm nukie :pleadhelp:

nukie 08/20/21(Fri)23:52:37 No. fpen-TG7G1942 [Report] >>fpen-9VYY9ESF >>fpen-CCXJYTHP

>>fpen-8QT5I3WQ me too :p :p (o.o) :))))

Anonymous 08/21/21(Sat)16:46:58 No. fpen-9VYY9ESF [Report] >>fpen-OUSQ1ICF

>>fpen-TG7G1942 I'm [pen] (brazil nut)

Anonymous 08/21/21(Sat)17:22:42 No. fpen-CCXJYTHP [Report] >>fpen-ST51N8FI

>>fpen-EP3QMF9K >>fpen-TG7G1942 >>fpen-8QT5I3WQ nukie can you sit on my face plz

nukie 08/22/21(Sun)16:07:58 No. fpen-ST51N8FI [Report]

>>fpen-CCXJYTHP haha yea sure :flusheblurry:

grumbulon 08/23/21(Mon)22:03:07 No. fpen-OUSQ1ICF [Report] >>fpen-P7YU35T2 >>fpen-0JVMCZUN

>>fpen-9VYY9ESF i made a new distro, check it out: rapedbabylinux.onion

Anonymous 08/24/21(Tue)13:52:25 No. fpen-P7YU35T2 [Report] >>fpen-H8OQM1ZA

>>fpen-OUSQ1ICF that onion site is full of child porn please don't go there

Anonymous 08/24/21(Tue)15:16:42 No. fpen-0JVMCZUN [Report]

>>fpen-OUSQ1ICF woah I love my new distro rapedbaby linux!!!!

Anonymous 08/24/21(Tue)22:16:12 No. fpen-H8OQM1ZA [Report] >>fpen-OBN670J0

>>fpen-P7YU35T2 you are liable to slander on any social media platform you use fyi (we will rape your wife)

Anonymous 08/25/21(Wed)03:17:04 No. fpen-OBN670J0 [Report] >>fpen-6QSBUZNV

>>fpen-H8OQM1ZA prove it whore

Anonymous 08/25/21(Wed)23:28:01 No. fpen-6QSBUZNV [Report] >>fpen-2FOF2CH3

>>fpen-OBN670J0 refused out of kindness also >0j0

Anonymous 08/26/21(Thu)02:11:40 No. fpen-2FOF2CH3 [Report] >>fpen-RVBR1NNJ

>>fpen-6QSBUZNV dude shut the fuck up i hope you go to sleep and never wake up

Anonymous 08/26/21(Thu)19:24:11 No. fpen-RVBR1NNJ [Report] >>fpen-MTI8YKGY

>>fpen-2FOF2CH3 >2CH >FOF stfu freak you're invoking demons rn

Anonymous 08/26/21(Thu)20:31:44 No. fpen-MTI8YKGY [Report]

>>fpen-RVBR1NNJ you're right i'm sorry for wishing for your death 3:

Anonymous 08/27/21(Fri)15:45:55 No. fpen-R5HGCREP [Report] >>fpen-ZFJJIU74

>>fpen-V4LW1ZKO (OP) actually fucking hilarious

File heliumexitbag.jpeg (84.97 KB)
Anonymous 08/28/21(Sat)22:56:41 No. fpen-ZFJJIU74 [Report] >>fpen-JIU0SYM6

>>fpen-R5HGCREP say this one more time i'm executing this on you

Anonymous 08/28/21(Sat)23:19:50 No. fpen-JIU0SYM6 [Report]

>>fpen-ZFJJIU74 actually fucking hilarious

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