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File: crunk.jpg (5.95 MB)
crunklord420 Anonymous 06/03/21(Thu)20:57:12 No. fpen-CYP36A54 [Report]

just what is he?

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Anonymous 06/30/21(Wed)11:50:37 No. fpen-DZE49PPA [Report]

>>fpen-H7SNRC9F you gotta wait for it to load >>fpen-27NLGI5Z thats true his cock starts small but then loads into big penis

Anonymous 07/02/21(Fri)21:04:54 No. fpen-DC09GGXF [Report] >>fpen-JPSS38SG

>>fpen-CYP36A54 (OP) he's CIA

Anonymous 07/02/21(Fri)21:30:16 No. fpen-JPSS38SG [Report]

>>fpen-DC09GGXF CIA gendered?

Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)15:19:06 No. fpen-8QW5ML50 [Report]

>>fpen-CYP36A54 (OP) baby don't hurt me

Anonymous 07/12/21(Mon)15:36:29 No. fpen-BNXU8T66 [Report]

>>fpen-CYP36A54 (OP) Crunk is just moth's alt.

File: download.jpg (4.09 KB)
Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)12:19:17 No. fpen-X9BGP996 [Report]

deepest lore

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Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)20:03:06 No. fpen-TE93MW15 [Report]

>>fpen-XUB83OLI you don't have that authority this isn't your thread budinsky

Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)20:18:05 No. fpen-S95RUBGN [Report] >>fpen-92RKL6RG

>>fpen-EYQTWLOW prove it set up fchan.shitposter.club

Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)21:24:10 No. fpen-92RKL6RG [Report]

>>fpen-S95RUBGN inb4 fchan skyrockets

Anonymous 07/11/21(Sun)20:21:00 No. fpen-29GBBKC6 [Report] >>fpen-2L1ML6BN

>>fpen-X9BGP996 (OP) oh fuck oh fuck what the fuck is this

Anonymous 07/11/21(Sun)20:22:38 No. fpen-2L1ML6BN [Report]

>>fpen-29GBBKC6 ima suc ur balls nigga

File: whatdapendoin.png (8.00 KB)
Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)20:07:45 No. fpen-YYDV8WU0 [Report]

Why did he post this?

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Anonymous 07/09/21(Fri)20:16:31 No. fpen-L52LUX5L [Report]

>>fpen-RJJZP6DY does not track

Anonymous 07/09/21(Fri)23:33:51 No. fpen-L8E0DSUJ [Report]

>>fpen-HCA7MG2O not tracking

Anonymous 07/10/21(Sat)00:38:32 No. fpen-A3RVMQXT [Report] >>fpen-963AOGI6 >>fpen-XSTKM9MV

youve got three words to defend antipedophilia right now

Anonymous 07/10/21(Sat)00:57:17 No. fpen-963AOGI6 [Report]

>>fpen-A3RVMQXT cope seethe neck

Anonymous 07/10/21(Sat)01:06:53 No. fpen-XSTKM9MV [Report]

>>fpen-A3RVMQXT kids can't consent & cope seethe neck

File: 9813193B-8472-4C59-8AE0-26(...).png (0.40 KB)
Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)17:38:56 No. fpen-GLUNDBQ3 [Report]


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‏‏‎ ‎ 07/07/21(Wed)19:05:32 No. fpen-25XKDG38 [Report]

‏‏‎ ‎

­ 07/07/21(Wed)19:14:15 No. fpen-GK2CE5BD [Report]


File wow.jpg (143.65 KB)
Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)19:45:02 No. fpen-K350C1I5 [Report]

>>fpen-GLUNDBQ3 (OP)

Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)20:32:09 No. fpen-NWFJZPG9 [Report]


Anonymous 07/08/21(Thu)10:51:08 No. fpen-I1D77YQA [Report]


File: 216aec35ad6a60b6aa6ec9810f(...).png (1.41 MB)
Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)02:13:23 No. fpen-KANQLEC3 [Report]

any girls on line

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Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)18:24:24 No. SJVNYLTX [Report] >>fpen-J075H7IG

>>fpen-KANQLEC3 (OP) Girls aren't real

File Screenshot from 2020-12-14(...).png (50.50 KB)
Anonymous 07/06/21(Tue)02:08:17 No. fpen-J075H7IG [Report] >>fpen-RLLUX9RP

>>SJVNYLTX >girl aren't real >a girl is not real >a girl is real >a girl isreal >a girl israel >girl israel Oh my god

Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)15:14:28 No. fpen-WF5PKSFV [Report]

>>fpen-3B1L9IFC which one the blue haird girl or the pink cat?

Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)15:24:49 No. fpen-8HSQHMML [Report]

>>fpen-IOL6ZSDU upon my death I will have my body rebuilt in lego

Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)20:02:10 No. fpen-RLLUX9RP [Report]

>>fpen-J075H7IG white boy summer black girl israel it all /adds up/ it all /tracks/

File: a3972ebaba21d86c.png (1.26 MB)
sleepy... Anonymous 05/26/21(Wed)02:48:46 No. fpen-TM0UDTNP [Report]

im going to sleep :)

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Anonymous 05/26/21(Wed)05:35:08 No. fpen-MS3YHV9M [Report] >>fpen-AYWB9SUY

>>fpen-1800UUB1 nice aesthetic get if it wasn't for the B, but close enough.

Anonymous 05/26/21(Wed)05:48:36 No. fpen-AYWB9SUY [Report] >>fpen-PESWENI3

>>fpen-MS3YHV9M what

File mamemame.png (57.60 KB)
Anonymous 05/26/21(Wed)06:03:08 No. fpen-PESWENI3 [Report] >>fpen-UV8T19H7 >>fpen-G82KEZ23

>>fpen-AYWB9SUY >1800UU81 would have been a good get (but (you (failed)))

Anonymous 05/26/21(Wed)06:13:38 No. fpen-UV8T19H7 [Report]

>>fpen-PESWENI3 okay big talk for someone who just got /pesweni3/'d

Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)15:21:58 No. fpen-G82KEZ23 [Report]


File: B7CD2CFB-6BF6-41D1-B040-A1(...).jpeg (70.81 KB)
Anonymous 07/06/21(Tue)17:16:00 No. fpen-FSV1Y5FE [Report]

Where my fren ruiner

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Anonymous 07/06/21(Tue)18:17:27 No. fpen-VX47KSBA [Report]

>>fpen-FSV1Y5FE (OP) did she commit suicide?

Anonymous 07/06/21(Tue)18:36:39 No. fpen-XFHANP7F [Report]

>>fpen-FSV1Y5FE (OP) >woman gets period >runs away Nothing new

Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)15:11:54 No. IDTL6DZT [Report] >>fpen-X5JUNDK9

>>fpen-FSV1Y5FE (OP) preparing for med school fren, she'll be back

Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)15:11:54 No. IDTL6DZT [Report] >>fpen-X5JUNDK9

>>fpen-FSV1Y5FE (OP) preparing for med school fren, she'll be back

Anonymous 07/07/21(Wed)15:16:20 No. fpen-X5JUNDK9 [Report]

>>IDTL6DZT would you want ruina giving you surgery?

File: 1.png (11.14 KB)
pen hall of fame Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)21:13:46 No. fpen-IMCHWB0E [Report]

post your favorite pernia posts

File 2.png (11.21 KB)
Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)21:14:02 No. fpen-3Y4GUG8S [Report]

Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)22:00:53 No. fpen-DVAFNM0E [Report]

>no pen posts today >no noid posts today >no ruina posts today Is it finally over

File 2021-07-05_18h56m00s_dell.png (9.07 KB)
Anonymous 07/06/21(Tue)00:56:43 No. fpen-FH2ZJRBJ [Report]


Anonymous 07/06/21(Tue)01:51:18 No. fpen-PNG5NOYW [Report] >>fpen-WE67IETZ

>>fpen-IMCHWB0E (OP) who made this thread doxing A PEDOPHILE IN REHABILITATION this is only enabling him take this shit down

File alone.exe.png (956.80 KB)
Anonymous 07/06/21(Tue)04:02:01 No. fpen-WE67IETZ [Report]


File: pepeuniverse.jpeg (7.20 KB)
Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)00:46:25 No. fpen-6YP17Q2O [Report]

How is /pen/ spending their long weekend? I am currently keeping both Fred and David in my basement for lots of fun on this long weekend!

Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)01:15:49 No. UF3YUVHT [Report]

>>fpen-6YP17Q2O (OP) I'm doing absolutely nothing

Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)01:16:50 No. fpen-Q4C2ENI9 [Report]

weekends are no different from weekdays when your a neet

Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)01:46:25 No. fpen-XXU484L2 [Report]

>>fpen-6YP17Q2O (OP) in front of the computer

Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)01:50:24 No. fpen-ILOPLKQZ [Report]

>>fpen-6YP17Q2O (OP) gonna coode and keep shitposting to a minumum i think, see if i can get faggot monero running and learn how to /port/

File suicide panel.png (260.36 KB)
Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)02:09:38 No. fpen-0RM1XBED [Report]

we'll see

File: 2ffwsUd.png (1.18 MB)
Anonymous 07/04/21(Sun)04:43:21 No. fpen-9HBNU5MV [Report]

itt we guess who each other is on pleroma

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Anonymous 07/04/21(Sun)13:27:41 No. fpen-XGS8CPQJ [Report]


Anonymous 07/04/21(Sun)13:28:35 No. fpen-D1NCSYJM [Report]


Anonymous 07/04/21(Sun)14:55:33 No. WBRVB8WJ [Report]

Kaczynkski did nothing wrong (also the guess should be easy)

Anonymous 07/04/21(Sun)17:32:08 No. fpen-9D92X0Q7 [Report]

Despite the constant accusations, I am not a pedophile

Anonymous 07/05/21(Mon)02:02:22 No. fpen-3APZS6DP [Report]


File: save_this_man.jpg (12.33 KB)
this man Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)21:15:36 No. fpen-3A2U3HWL [Report]

what happened to this man? what were his plans? what were his intentions? is this the man we've been looking for? is this [Dave]?

Anonymous 07/04/21(Sun)00:30:40 No. fpen-NIQ6V4M8 [Report] >>fpen-M7O6HIPK

>>fpen-3A2U3HWL (OP) i played that game for a bit when i had nothing better to do and its really easy the secret is that you just want to get the job at the cafe where you make creme buns and then get massive tits so you can put milk + cum in the creme for the buns and you can make like 10 in one batch makes the money aspect of the game trivial and then you can just do whatever you want i guess its a nice time killer but some mechanics are a bit less fleshed out than they could be ill probably check out the new updates eventually if i get bored again

Anonymous 07/04/21(Sun)00:59:56 No. fpen-M7O6HIPK [Report]

>>fpen-NIQ6V4M8 what game is this? sounds fun

File: Dave.png (25.48 KB)
Fred's friend?? Anonymous 07/02/21(Fri)22:37:05 No. fpen-QYQK7LA2 [Report]

Who is Dave?

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Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)22:46:14 No. fpen-YU3YSQJO [Report]

>>fpen-IVD7740K at least im not jewish

Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)22:59:37 No. fpen-TPKEWP34 [Report] >>fpen-24U2PO8S

>>TC818DOP eris committed suicide and left a bot running i checked she's dead hanging on the cieling

Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)23:07:30 No. fpen-24U2PO8S [Report] >>FYFF87WA

>>fpen-TPKEWP34 Holy shit that’s insane Anyway I’m about to eat a nice icecream sandwich yum yum

Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)23:39:30 No. FYFF87WA [Report] >>fpen-0L0UFF66

>>fpen-24U2PO8S how was the sandwich

Anonymous 07/04/21(Sun)00:26:49 No. fpen-0L0UFF66 [Report]

>>FYFF87WA Pretty good yeah

File: 2021-07-02_19h03m38s_dell.png (1.21 KB)
Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)01:04:26 No. fpen-OT8ERR6F [Report]

jus gonna post this one real quick

Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)02:24:05 No. fpen-YKB91H3J [Report] >>fpen-TXODQA4T

>>fpen-OT8ERR6F (OP) What is this

Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)02:28:37 No. fpen-B0MYIECH [Report] >>fpen-TXODQA4T

>>fpen-OT8ERR6F (OP) delete this

Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)15:24:44 No. fpen-TXODQA4T [Report]

>>fpen-B0MYIECH can't >:3 >>fpen-YKB91H3J sterent

Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)22:10:58 No. fpen-IGB3VQAZ [Report] >>fpen-01N6V325

>>fpen-OT8ERR6F (OP) This is clearly the /pen/ no other retard uses profanity for XMPP

Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)22:57:50 No. fpen-01N6V325 [Report]

>>fpen-IGB3VQAZ meeper uses profanity and tbh this sounds like it could be meeper

File: noread.png (46.16 KB)
/FSG/ - Fedi Ship General Anonymous 06/20/21(Sun)22:07:13 No. fpen-V6AF39ZN [Report]

need it or keep it? hard mode: take it or lose it?

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Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)09:33:53 No. fpen-9KECNMLT [Report] >>93BBQ25K

>>fpen-ZZHCIPVY What? no, I know him from pleroma

Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)10:44:29 No. 93BBQ25K [Report]

>>fpen-9KECNMLT someone on pleroma also goes to 4chan. we must ferret out this impure element and eliminate it (or at least bully them)

Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)21:47:32 No. fpen-VSWMI8LK [Report] >>fpen-BRP3LR8R

>>fpen-V6AF39ZN (OP) maybe one day when i start talking on pleroma.. yeah that would be nice hehe

Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)22:09:19 No. fpen-BRP3LR8R [Report]

>>fpen-VSWMI8LK Ok pal, I'm gonna need you to elaborate on this one

Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)22:38:13 No. fpen-ZWG9CGD8 [Report]

I ship Razor and Ruina how about you guys she likes him

File: CF026DF5-2DFA-4129-B27C-B5(...).gif (29.90 KB)
Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)16:57:41 No. fpen-7DI70TI4 [Report]


Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)17:01:34 No. fpen-2H1USHB8 [Report]


Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)17:01:48 No. fpen-DMUL2ZU3 [Report] >>fpen-S3IE75QX

>>fpen-7DI70TI4 (OP) I’m gonna have sex with Sachiko’s 14 year old pussy

Anonymous 07/03/21(Sat)22:10:17 No. fpen-S3IE75QX [Report]


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