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File: kimchen.jpg (19.50 KB)
Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)05:19:39 No. fpen-BV7I6CF3 [Report]

Who are you taking to prom anon πŸ™‚

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File DollarTree_500.jpg (93.21 KB)
Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)13:26:11 No. fpen-K5F3PKDB [Report] >>fpen-XLFS7P3E

spoil ballot πŸ™‚ (I have no one) πŸ™‚

File ohgah9832.jpg (47.09 KB)
Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)15:59:49 No. fpen-XLFS7P3E [Report]

>>fpen-K5F3PKDB haha πŸ™‚

Anonymous 06/25/21(Fri)06:10:32 No. fpen-E55ZSHRW [Report]

>>fpen-BV7I6CF3 (OP) A bag of oranges

Anonymous 06/25/21(Fri)09:58:57 No. fpen-3JRZBFOS [Report] >>fpen-UN6YNIMY

>>fpen-BV7I6CF3 (OP) I haven't even interacted with anyone on pleroma yet

Anonymous 06/26/21(Sat)03:39:14 No. fpen-UN6YNIMY [Report]

>>fpen-3JRZBFOS sick fucking insane cleptomaniac liar

File: yeabitch.jpg (50.80 KB)
Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)03:51:48 No. fpen-P2VHPKA7 [Report]

get out of my FUCKING BOARD WHO ARE YOU???????????????????????

File 2021-06-23_21h51m42s_dell.png (45.23 KB)
Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)03:52:21 No. fpen-RN5WL27E [Report]

>>fpen-P2VHPKA7 (OP)

File: brain.jpg (159.67 KB)
IS BUILDING BR0WN BRICKS G00D BR@!N 06/24/21(Thu)02:11:50 No. fpen-EV1U6QNI [Report]

Is building br0wn bricks g00d f0r y0u?

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Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)02:42:59 No. fpen-LOPYGVVA [Report]

>>fpen-7XVBLKFS bro I love copyright licenses too. when there is that perfect amount of technical jargon where you only have to re-read twice is the right amount to understand your rights to that succulent copyright license. even ones that barely dribble preamble out I enjoy reading. they are a religious experience to be had. the closest I have gotten to feeling like I am one with god is when I am reading a copyright license.

Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)03:48:02 No. fpen-OHDWKALK [Report] >>fpen-0N92FJ1F

genuinely lost on this what the fuck is this actual schizophrenia, get fucking lost

Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)03:59:50 No. fpen-0N92FJ1F [Report] >>fpen-7800LQDV

>>fpen-OHDWKALK bro I love schizophrenics too. when there is that perfect amount of incoherent rambling where you only have to scratch your head a couple times to understand the succulent schizo nonsense. even ones that barely make any sense I enjoy observing. there is a religious experience to be had. the closest I have gotten to feeling like I am one with god is when I am observing a schizophrenic.

Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)04:22:45 No. fpen-7800LQDV [Report] >>fpen-WT1I3G4J


File BrownBricksJerryTPm.jpeg (3.89 KB)
Anonymous 06/24/21(Thu)04:27:16 No. fpen-WT1I3G4J [Report]

>>fpen-7800LQDV Make me

File: Ds1e7f_VsAAtxSH.jpg (98.81 KB)
Anonymous 06/23/21(Wed)09:28:06 No. fpen-A1KASHTG [Report]

Her name is Niggy. She is perfect.

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Anonymous 06/26/21(Sat)03:30:47 No. fpen-D043KKBQ [Report] >>fpen-56I9F8BT

>>fpen-AK1Q7A7I Yeah but she doesn't love you she loved me (i don't care)

Anonymous 06/26/21(Sat)03:43:01 No. fpen-56I9F8BT [Report] >>fpen-0TLMJA3Y

>>fpen-D043KKBQ i look exactly like you (not the guy you replied to btw new guy) so yea idgaf i would appreciate her and she would love me out of habit

Anonymous 06/26/21(Sat)03:43:20 No. fpen-VZCEVE0B [Report]

>>fpen-JXPGJZB5 would snipe her from a balcony and kill her

Anonymous 06/26/21(Sat)03:59:35 No. fpen-0TLMJA3Y [Report]

>>fpen-56I9F8BT okay i'll stab her with an icepick through the eye into the brain buzz off

Anonymous 06/28/21(Mon)16:12:16 No. fpen-V3IOIDBJ [Report]

>>fpen-A1KASHTG (OP) bump

File: 64DC9D0F-3B11-4634-B651-D1(...).jpeg (255.21 KB)
Anonymous 06/21/21(Mon)22:45:51 No. fpen-IZCFOZKW [Report]

noted pedophile creamqueen has stolen the r0dentia name and used it for a grooming discord is this legal

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Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)23:54:14 No. fpen-WJCFCHK8 [Report] >>fpen-9WLMH0NK

>>fpen-401XV1KF :thinking: interesting :thinking: Now that is a bit sus

Anonymous 06/23/21(Wed)03:11:36 No. fpen-9WLMH0NK [Report] >>fpen-62QBFJQH

>>fpen-WJCFCHK8 can someone post the fucking link al\ready i want in

Anonymous 06/23/21(Wed)03:13:49 No. fpen-62QBFJQH [Report] >>fpen-RQD4KHDR

>>fpen-9WLMH0NK check kala’s poa.st profile it’s somewhere there

Anonymous 06/23/21(Wed)03:29:29 No. fpen-RQD4KHDR [Report] >>fpen-GP5L3MFR

>>fpen-62QBFJQH not there

Anonymous 06/23/21(Wed)03:31:37 No. fpen-GP5L3MFR [Report]

>>fpen-RQD4KHDR replies 1 day ago

File: denzoid.png (1.00 MB)
/DG/ Dictionary General Anonymous 06/21/21(Mon)03:24:55 No. fpen-CBYEJMKG [Report]

has he gone drunk with power? do we actually need a dictionary for brackets?

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Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)00:49:46 No. fpen-CSDKVW0C [Report] >>fpen-SFGNDK7M

>>fpen-7WQCHEBD >irrections Please say sike rn

Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)01:03:39 No. fpen-5WX5YVQP [Report]

>>fpen-LGUU06VP Based

Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)02:34:45 No. fpen-SFGNDK7M [Report] >>fpen-XNMEX53U

>>fpen-CSDKVW0C he's not saying sike.....,,,;,;,.,,;,;

Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)03:19:10 No. fpen-XNMEX53U [Report]

>>fpen-SFGNDK7M :weary: when did these people start coming in i don't like where the site is heading;;;;;; :wiltedrose:

Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)08:22:38 No. fpen-17PG6KK7 [Report]

>>fpen-TT4CVBCV He's right though

File: Real Melvin Hours.jpg (41.57 KB)
Anonymous 06/20/21(Sun)07:42:43 No. fpen-ME2QH26U [Report]


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Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)00:38:11 No. fpen-L0Q810YT [Report] >>fpen-X85Q660E

>>fpen-OXGWXS5X can you not say this shit on the internet you're ruining the site

sage 06/22/21(Tue)00:39:04 No. fpen-ZLRP3TGO [Report]

>>fpen-SF7SG4C8 :wiltedrose: -1

Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)05:34:48 No. fpen-X85Q660E [Report] >>fpen-JTA59WV7

>>fpen-L0Q810YT >scared of a soft pussy keep crying

Anonymous 06/22/21(Tue)08:21:28 No. fpen-CZI4KKB6 [Report]

>>fpen-F3WTYSE1 Fuck sonicman, marry khan(virgin, so Pure and trad), kill razor

Anonymous 06/23/21(Wed)03:14:31 No. fpen-JTA59WV7 [Report]

>>fpen-X85Q660E i go /hard/ idc

File: xue.png (157.93 KB)
Sekret Club General /SCG/ Anonymous 06/19/21(Sat)22:54:02 No. fpen-N6ABLZXT [Report]

has he actually found this website or was grumb bluffing?

File 074c43f58919db25b6ef30b251(...).blob.png (950.06 KB)
Anonymous 06/20/21(Sun)02:44:57 No. fpen-0HFIYU39 [Report] >>fpen-R17HC2VB

>>fpen-N6ABLZXT (OP) we have to prevent the cat (eyes covered to protect identity) from finding us what do we do?

Anonymous 06/20/21(Sun)03:58:53 No. fpen-R17HC2VB [Report] >>fpen-SEU1CEW6

>>fpen-0HFIYU39 >.blob.png bros.....

Anonymous 06/20/21(Sun)06:01:26 No. fpen-SEU1CEW6 [Report] >>fpen-Y0DI67DY

>>fpen-R17HC2VB sorry you have to leave no cats allowed here we are hypoallergenic

Anonymous 06/20/21(Sun)06:04:59 No. fpen-Y0DI67DY [Report]

>>fpen-SEU1CEW6 he's not here yet adminoid read the post

File: 5AA4106E-DA6A-4503-BF3C-B4(...).jpeg (75.33 KB)
Anonymous 06/18/21(Fri)23:35:49 No. fpen-8G4AGUY2 [Report]

Alright wise guy. Where is the cum.

Anonymous 06/18/21(Fri)23:53:35 No. fpen-MTB5M18P [Report] >>fpen-TIM2KAY1

>>fpen-8G4AGUY2 (OP) Cum posting is retarded Source: owner of a cum instance

File F78A04A8-5A29-408F-BF68-91(...).jpeg (268.08 KB)
Anonymous 06/19/21(Sat)02:11:59 No. fpen-Q4E6HB24 [Report] >>fpen-L3B4VX6H

>>fpen-8G4AGUY2 (OP) cun

Anonymous 06/19/21(Sat)03:11:38 No. fpen-TIM2KAY1 [Report]

>>fpen-MTB5M18P nice way to out yourself pink cat pedophile cumposting is aristocrat tier

Anonymous 06/19/21(Sat)03:11:53 No. fpen-L3B4VX6H [Report]

>>fpen-Q4E6HB24 i wish this was me

File: nigger.png (1.08 MB)
Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)20:05:53 No. fpen-T17GBXXQ [Report]

based devchad mwah~~~~

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Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)22:23:50 No. fpen-IYJCCB8F [Report] >>fpen-9T0WB3C9

>>fpen-JAD34T6R @razor

Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)22:52:40 No. fpen-9T0WB3C9 [Report]

>>fpen-IYJCCB8F there isnt a simp board this is false

Anonymous 06/18/21(Fri)11:29:43 No. fpen-Q1TYYZH5 [Report] >>fpen-VG95RC4E >>fpen-OON9J251

>>fpen-JAD34T6R @Godposter

Anonymous 06/18/21(Fri)20:51:38 No. fpen-VG95RC4E [Report]

>>fpen-Q1TYYZH5 disavow

Anonymous 06/18/21(Fri)20:51:51 No. fpen-OON9J251 [Report]

>>fpen-Q1TYYZH5 @GodPoaster

File: jenkem.jpg (31.18 KB)
Can we talk about or favorite jenkem recipes? Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)00:03:23 No. fpen-7V4TP1R0 [Report]

So personally, I like to start by eating a lot of red meat and asparagus the day before, it gets my piss smelling good and ripe, then I take a whole bottle of otc laxatives the next day. whip out the electric mixer, combine the shit and piss and add just a pinch of baker's yeast (not too much or you have a shit bomb) pour into an unwashed empty milk jug and leave to ferment anywhere from a couple weeks to a month (depending on preference) the resulting fumes are ripe enough to send me to the bulk of reality where I have hot feverish sex with pale demon women for what feels like 70 years constructive criticism welcome Im always open to trying out new recipes

Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)00:12:27 No. fpen-GA4CCU30 [Report]


Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)01:37:26 No. fpen-5DT2N65N [Report]

keep it

Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)01:51:09 No. fpen-OMX0R35J [Report]


Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)01:52:38 No. fpen-DRU2D51L [Report]

>>fpen-7V4TP1R0 (OP) This is nothing. Never come back.

File: 9A02ED62-5AE7-48ED-803E-91(...).png (102.17 KB)
Anonymous 06/16/21(Wed)23:42:15 No. fpen-AHIITJGX [Report]

It still works :whoa:

File 0bbcd5ffb9cc86249c199c97da(...).jpg (295.08 KB)
Anonymous 06/16/21(Wed)23:49:01 No. fpen-KM2W4P7B [Report]

>>fpen-AHIITJGX (OP) >cunny thread did someone say cunny thread?

File: be023ef0b01684ae77d0c7b9ef(...).jpg (219.10 KB)
Anonymous 06/16/21(Wed)23:34:05 No. fpen-69S6H99T [Report]

sekret club

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Anonymous #Admin 06/17/21(Thu)00:03:10 No. fpen-OUFVI41H [Report] >>fpen-MHC8VO5N >>fpen-6CJG81IH >>fpen-4EJ8LKUL

>>fpen-69S6H99T (OP) you werent supposed to find this

Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)00:36:52 No. fpen-MHC8VO5N [Report]

>>fpen-OUFVI41H admin pls add /cun/

Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)15:05:47 No. fpen-6CJG81IH [Report]

>>fpen-OUFVI41H get got lole

File snus.png (34.67 KB)
Anonymous 06/18/21(Fri)02:41:49 No. fpen-XI8AYL45 [Report]

>>fpen-O7JSBP6K delete this shit wtf

Anonymous !e6864122 06/18/21(Fri)02:42:44 No. fpen-4EJ8LKUL [Report]

>>fpen-OUFVI41H >#Admin o.o' wtf bros something's up

File: @asano4214 - fc5c931e218fe(...).png (1.06 MB)
Anonymous 06/16/21(Wed)23:31:30 No. fpen-N8PUNLA6 [Report]


File: spaz.gif (5.86 MB)
Anonymous 06/16/21(Wed)23:07:33 No. fpen-EQNLOHMD [Report]

i hate you admin why would you do this how could you do this i am not pleased expect a silly goof via delivery man

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Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)01:54:02 No. fpen-XM7M0011 [Report]

>>fpen-NZY0XT5P this is fucked up why would you betray pen like this

Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)01:55:00 No. fpen-BJXAQW3Q [Report]

>>fpen-RMAK5YF9 i shit my pants and voted wrong can you transfer my vote from /fed/ to /pen/ pls thaknz (social pressure voter)

Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)06:12:41 No. fpen-0K1GW9UF [Report] >>fpen-7PYLQ3MN

>>fpen-DPD64GMV I shid my pants just for fun!

Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)09:45:54 No. fpen-129OKXBY [Report]

>>fpen-EQNLOHMD (OP) what's wrong with that hamtaro?

Anonymous 06/17/21(Thu)19:45:12 No. fpen-7PYLQ3MN [Report]

>>fpen-0K1GW9UF faggot tranny freak kill yourself daiper pedophile

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