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File: Es3pxrLXAAQ6t9W.png (974.62 KB)
jew sex Anonymous 06/10/21(Thu)00:34:06 No. fpen-7SFD2TCK [Report]

I will have sex with FrailLeaf and a jewish cutie

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File A10E564D-F31B-438F-8F6E-59(...).jpeg (118.40 KB)
Anonymous 06/10/21(Thu)01:51:44 No. fpen-AICCON87 [Report] >>fpen-UH5S272Q >>fpen-QT3BVAIY

>>fpen-7SFD2TCK (OP) I will jave sex with FrailLeaf and this negro (black) (underage)

Anonymous 06/10/21(Thu)01:56:33 No. fpen-UH5S272Q [Report] >>fpen-3IS8QVB7 >>fpen-LQ1PAEQP

>>fpen-AICCON87 thats a soft pussy

File 012447EB-2C7D-4477-BB94-95(...).jpeg (185.75 KB)
Anonymous 06/10/21(Thu)01:59:59 No. fpen-3IS8QVB7 [Report] >>fpen-QT3BVAIY

>>fpen-UH5S272Q Hard

Anonymous 06/10/21(Thu)02:03:58 No. fpen-QT3BVAIY [Report]

>>fpen-AICCON87 >>fpen-3IS8QVB7 very nice and lovely cunny (underage) Negro underage sex? whoa :smile:

Anonymous 06/10/21(Thu)15:50:08 No. fpen-LQ1PAEQP [Report]

>>fpen-UH5S272Q was gonna say this

File: C2FABFD0-82D5-4D67-BFBB-0B(...).jpeg (30.96 KB)
Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)18:48:44 No. fpen-3W36WCL6 [Report]

is c0fe good for you

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Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)19:53:13 No. fpen-B6148A34 [Report] >>fpen-JUA20IUD

>>fpen-E4T9YGY0 Shut up faggot post hard balls or die out

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)19:54:01 No. fpen-10CMICF8 [Report]

>>fpen-8J177ZB3 you cant accept there is hard and soft pussy you must have hard pussy and is in denial

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)20:02:33 No. fpen-JUA20IUD [Report]

>>fpen-B6148A34 my balls are warm you freak not yet

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)21:03:12 No. fpen-3HUKSQF1 [Report]

>>fpen-F5ZRQ4JB quid did

Anonymous 06/10/21(Thu)01:28:27 No. fpen-Q88DDRBU [Report]

>>fpen-E4T9YGY0 I will sex you hard

File: 3dgifmaker88835.gif (1.76 MB)
Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)18:23:04 No. fpen-PAF0YMZX [Report]

hey pen can you post about how you married ruina and she fell in love with you after you raped her i need it to help my case thanks

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Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)18:45:53 No. fpen-9ZNWUIKI [Report]

>>fpen-ZMYR34VC reported this post chud gl

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)19:03:40 No. fpen-DJ6NKXA6 [Report] >>fpen-N2LQGTCA >>fpen-E7KRCZ2F >>fpen-IEVTVEY6

>>fpen-PAF0YMZX (OP) It's never a love at first sight, let me tell you that much. They're always so stubborn, cheekily denying all my advances and refusing my help, even avoiding my gaze at the meetings, but that soon changes. You see, they can never resist my charm. They can sense that I'm experienced with women and it attracts them to me like moths to a flame. Ruina was no different. A typical upstart, she would do anything to advance further in our company. She was a hard worker, very dependable. We could always rely on her with anything. At our quarterly drinking party we both got really drunk and hit it off. I'm not going to lie, we both had fun. It just wasn't the kind of fun I wanted to have with her. After the party concluded, Ruina was too drunk to get home on her own, so I escorted her all the way to her front door. And straight into her house. She protested, yes, even screamed when I hit her for telling me to "fuck off", but she shut her mouth up after that. We did it on the couch, the bed, even the table. God that crying face with mascara streaming down her face made me diamonds! Best rape of my life. When she approached me a month later with the news that she was pregnant I almost got a heart attack. I wanted to jump out of the window right then and there, but she told me that she'd spill the beans if I didn't marry her. I'll be honest, I didn't really mind marrying her. She had her charms both on the surface and below. Plus she managed to retain that aura of bashful innocence, even after I raped her. The marriage went well for the first two months, but as it drew near Ruina became more and more stressed. Not eating, drinking, smoking, all and more could be witnessed in her everyday activities. In the end, she miscarried and we broke up. I paid her quite a lot of money to shut her up since I held a high position at the company... and that was that. I hope that adorable piece of ass is doing well

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)19:11:21 No. fpen-N2LQGTCA [Report]

>>fpen-DJ6NKXA6 you fucking wrote this out yourself creep why are there no results for this

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)19:16:30 No. fpen-E7KRCZ2F [Report]

>>fpen-DJ6NKXA6 what a tragedy i hope they get back together they seemed good for each other

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)19:37:57 No. fpen-IEVTVEY6 [Report]

>>fpen-DJ6NKXA6 thanks you for this endearing story i am happier now from hearing it

File: 29843A35-B98F-4BF2-A618-A7(...).jpeg (288.79 KB)
Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)17:16:08 No. fpen-XGL2PXLS [Report]

Me on left Pen on right Ruina or Noided in middle

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Anonymous 06/13/21(Sun)00:02:35 No. fpen-1A2PGELW [Report] >>fpen-PU82B0Y3

>>fpen-KDBKEU95 did you feel like a woman successfully?

Anonymous 06/14/21(Mon)07:53:33 No. fpen-PU82B0Y3 [Report] >>fpen-31B1XKSK

>>fpen-1A2PGELW No, but he became a cock-hungry slut

Anonymous 06/14/21(Mon)22:09:18 No. fpen-31B1XKSK [Report] >>fpen-9X5KKPBD

>>fpen-KDBKEU95 >>fpen-PU82B0Y3 who are you elaborate on this (i am rock hard rn)

Anonymous 06/15/21(Tue)00:42:43 No. fpen-9X5KKPBD [Report] >>fpen-YMA5AZC0

>>fpen-31B1XKSK >PU82B0Y3 PUSSBOYE

Anonymous 06/15/21(Tue)00:50:10 No. fpen-YMA5AZC0 [Report]

>>fpen-9X5KKPBD I am a certified pussboye. I love pussy and have it all the time

File: freak.png (24.50 KB)
another pedophile tumu 06/09/21(Wed)03:26:50 No. fpen-4B4DUSJH [Report]

i found another one of these freaks i have no idea what the fuck this person wants. look at their profile this pedophile literally called the other federal agent a dumb slut as a first post, and like tumu called immediately started to talk to some freak named creamqueen. thoughts? its always creamqueen that starts. this is spooky bros i don't like it

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Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)18:09:05 No. fpen-0H1I8C2F [Report]

>>fpen-HBRSSVOD 🤥 and 🩹

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)18:09:13 No. fpen-GELYA18M [Report] >>fpen-BEV1BWLG

>>fpen-HBRSSVOD with 10 year olds or with 10 people [answer the question]

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)18:10:35 No. fpen-BEV1BWLG [Report]

>>fpen-GELYA18M i had sex wirh your mom 10 times in the last minute and shes as bigas 10 people sl i had 20 people sex with 10 year olds

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)18:11:53 No. fpen-1Z60H9GP [Report] >>fpen-7OPYXDBH

>>fpen-O64JOOB7 the vagina is obviously lower, if you just lay on top of a woman you hit her penis with your penis

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)18:12:39 No. fpen-7OPYXDBH [Report]

>>fpen-1Z60H9GP girls odnt have penis my mom told me that retard virgin gamergate creep freak pedophile

File: Untitled.png (20.34 KB)
Anonymous 06/08/21(Tue)17:33:43 No. fpen-2TPOUK6B [Report]

pen breaking

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Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)02:13:14 No. fpen-W08ZTEHE [Report] >>fpen-FXH29B5G >>fpen-ADWNHPWH

>>fpen-KSLEIMEO "padding" is literally used to describe tightness you mongoloid how am i a virgin for this

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)02:16:02 No. fpen-FXH29B5G [Report] >>fpen-BOP33V8U

>>fpen-W08ZTEHE you obviously jave no idea virgin moron

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)02:25:41 No. fpen-ADWNHPWH [Report] >>fpen-BOP33V8U

>>fpen-W08ZTEHE imagin being this much of a virgin

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)03:10:36 No. fpen-BOP33V8U [Report]

>>fpen-FXH29B5G >>fpen-ADWNHPWH arite fine i'm a virgin explain it like i'm 5 (i am)

Anonymous 06/09/21(Wed)18:30:23 No. fpen-47M6KD1B [Report]

>>fpen-2TPOUK6B (OP) bump

File: 6CFC86FF-BBFC-4E2C-975B-E2(...).jpeg (87.26 KB)
Anonymous 06/08/21(Tue)00:04:03 No. fpen-Y4X3VJSC [Report]

Why did pen just reference actual cp I thought it was a joke

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Anonymous 06/08/21(Tue)00:31:27 No. fpen-UGHRJ2D1 [Report] >>fpen-43CZFGND

>>fpen-Y4X3VJSC (OP) wtf the pen just dm’d me like 5 magnet links and just keeps telling me to download them

Anonymous 06/08/21(Tue)00:32:34 No. fpen-43CZFGND [Report]

>>fpen-UGHRJ2D1 well? what are you waiting for?

Anonymous 06/08/21(Tue)12:33:12 No. fpen-AJJPT8HE [Report] >>fpen-FOPF0Y2D

>>fpen-Y4X3VJSC (OP) keanu reeves young sex tape nigger mixing dot mp4

Anonymous 06/08/21(Tue)14:11:04 No. fpen-FOPF0Y2D [Report] >>fpen-KRBVHP68

>>fpen-AJJPT8HE keanu reeves buck breaking tape 😂😂😂

Anonymous 06/08/21(Tue)15:55:08 No. fpen-KRBVHP68 [Report]

>>fpen-FOPF0Y2D touch grass

File: mcdonaldsdt2017.jpg (210.11 KB)
Anonymous 06/07/21(Mon)16:27:10 No. fpen-W3P2PT92 [Report]

welcome to /pen/ may I take your order?

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Anonymous 06/07/21(Mon)21:33:56 No. fpen-CS3GNN39 [Report]

>>fpen-G64DA873 how do you know pal?

Anonymous 06/07/21(Mon)21:38:37 No. fpen-01D732ES [Report] >>fpen-8C3PQA83

>>fpen-S19LWVEH xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD (it's not me btw)

Anonymous 06/07/21(Mon)22:17:03 No. fpen-8C3PQA83 [Report] >>fpen-WNQTIV7E

>>fpen-01D732ES nice try pal are the demons here with us rn?

File 666.jpg (50.76 KB)
Anonymous 06/07/21(Mon)22:41:50 No. fpen-WNQTIV7E [Report] >>fpen-QFR8H06D

>>fpen-8C3PQA83 [Jesus] will /protect/-->us

Anonymous 06/07/21(Mon)23:37:58 No. fpen-QFR8H06D [Report]

>>fpen-WNQTIV7E getting [cosmic pain] from the filename pal can you rename that jpeg to "jesusdead[sad].jpg" thanks. also yes he will he's with us rn [embarrassment] (he'll forgive these terrible posts)

File: PenDownBad.png (242.18 KB)
Down Bad General /DBG/ Anonymous 06/06/21(Sun)23:36:13 No. fpen-DS4IFBCE [Report]

Post your favorite "down bad" posts, does not have to be from fedi

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Anonymous 06/08/21(Tue)16:35:17 No. fpen-Q25FLNRQ [Report] >>fpen-EK98PXSN

>>fpen-2MYT8RTW those don't work in the dark chud you licked cum off the street to find a pen at night freak

Anonymous 06/08/21(Tue)16:45:18 No. fpen-EK98PXSN [Report] >>fpen-J5OWSUTS

>>fpen-Q25FLNRQ >can't see in the dark ngmi

Anonymous 06/08/21(Tue)16:48:17 No. fpen-J5OWSUTS [Report] >>fpen-DV6NSQU3

>>fpen-EK98PXSN proof that you can see in the dark

File I C U.gif (37.87 KB)
Anonymous 06/08/21(Tue)16:57:34 No. fpen-DV6NSQU3 [Report] >>fpen-WD5PKHHX


File sur.png (33.15 KB)
Anonymous 06/08/21(Tue)17:14:47 No. fpen-WD5PKHHX [Report]

>>fpen-DV6NSQU3 [scary] #SouthUrinalRetard

File: 43443a8f4ed8128e8d1e3b3150(...).jpg (48.38 KB)
Pen Hoodie General /PHG/ Anonymous 06/05/21(Sat)02:29:23 No. fpen-JLO3K7LG [Report]

The Pen has a new hoodie see description below >is thicc, with light blue at the top and dark blue at the bottom. the light blue fades into dark. berry nice berry comf Pic unrelated (would)

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Anonymous 06/05/21(Sat)17:07:57 No. fpen-L3BYOFR5 [Report] >>fpen-Q67U0XPG >>fpen-TL3XHXO1

>>fpen-R9AJZK0K nigga i was here before this fucking board was made

Anonymous 06/05/21(Sat)17:29:34 No. fpen-Q67U0XPG [Report]

>>fpen-L3BYOFR5 are your folks proud

Anonymous 06/06/21(Sun)00:46:09 No. fpen-TL3XHXO1 [Report] >>fpen-OUWAYETS

>>fpen-L3BYOFR5 same but you don't see me touristing around like some sort of unadapted immigrant on the street give me 50

Anonymous 06/06/21(Sun)02:50:08 No. fpen-OUWAYETS [Report] >>fpen-65YMLW7Y

>>fpen-TL3XHXO1 i'm expecting a response in at the most 2 days time pal

Anonymous 06/06/21(Sun)23:14:04 No. fpen-65YMLW7Y [Report]

>>fpen-OUWAYETS who are you talking to freak

File: bateman.png (520.16 KB)
Anonymous 06/02/21(Wed)08:59:06 No. fpen-PCJ55MIA [Report]

skyks wćcps tjỳylt frêem láft vrỳypz kwĉcrt mwyybs? stǎar zpĩm, zc̃cwm: krĩtz ĩir! bjěers? twǐiz! kjcsp. wâawm. kléjv zóvs? zwóolz: tccbz: kjãnk rýjk brỳylg, skêet ỳyft: kwêeks. krŷyrt lŷps tjaz kwǎwn jćcj zaags? spyvz! ĉzt wěelt bwẽeb neerb kwíibz skòodz dilg; fcclg; bwíng drěegz twâr faag krúump; mjern, hýp dry̌yzp! znccbs provz mjĩi! tòjp vjits bjy̌ybs mjujb zõlk flćpz čm, bilk? rĩivs lc̀cpz: glǎrz. stáawm smûjp; mâab môlk gwŷk skǒosp saap? grěen zwâapz skǔrp, stîft zpoon trùts fwòs bjccjd jỹt. zwìijz? bwǒn flòst kiijt! lĉcjz fjãajl ròojl. mỹlm. fríirv vîzp rârm! fjũjf znâng, skãjt fjćcp; frôks rîipz kjîifz blǐw.

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Anonymous 06/02/21(Wed)21:16:28 No. fpen-H89JSEP6 [Report] >>fpen-OJB6R83L >>fpen-192J7DE1

>>fpen-PCJ55MIA (OP) Ruina

Anonymous 06/02/21(Wed)21:55:20 No. fpen-OJB6R83L [Report]

>>fpen-H89JSEP6 we say voldemort around here but go ahead

Anonymous 06/03/21(Thu)03:26:15 No. fpen-BEBISDXF [Report]

>>fpen-PCJ55MIA (OP) stopped reading at ǎ

Anonymous 06/03/21(Thu)05:21:49 No. fpen-192J7DE1 [Report] >>fpen-K1WPCSNV

>>fpen-H89JSEP6 God, Ruina more like Ruin the vibe wtf. Go back to offline Ruina

Anonymous 06/03/21(Thu)05:42:13 No. fpen-K1WPCSNV [Report]

>>fpen-192J7DE1 hi kahn

File: glow.gif (1.33 MB)
Anonymous 06/01/21(Tue)18:29:44 No. fpen-B5FWJLFZ [Report]

>Let's check fchan to see what's new

Anonymous 06/01/21(Tue)18:49:53 No. fpen-XJ0HYQU1 [Report] >>fpen-TQEJ7HFY

>>fpen-B5FWJLFZ (OP) what is that gif

Anonymous 06/01/21(Tue)20:33:03 No. fpen-TQEJ7HFY [Report] >>fpen-LRO5OQNQ

>>fpen-XJ0HYQU1 it's me being blinded by all the glowniggers on this board

Anonymous 06/01/21(Tue)23:54:24 No. fpen-LRO5OQNQ [Report]

>>fpen-TQEJ7HFY there has to be a few lurking around fr

Anonymous 06/02/21(Wed)08:45:22 No. fpen-QTV9EBXP [Report]

>>fpen-B5FWJLFZ (OP) you mean fedchan???

File: nukie_is_a_pedophile.PNG (15.44 KB)
Anonymous 06/01/21(Tue)03:13:48 No. fpen-FYTJP7UU [Report]

can someone send me the @ of the underage pedophile lover girl?

Anonymous 06/01/21(Tue)04:45:36 No. fpen-JD64M6CN [Report] >>fpen-S06DHTCM

>>fpen-FYTJP7UU (OP) @wowaname@anime.website

Anonymous 06/03/21(Thu)19:02:51 No. fpen-S06DHTCM [Report]

>>fpen-JD64M6CN the other one

File: 9A334533-60EB-4B8F-B42D-2E(...).png (1.22 MB)
Anonymous 06/01/21(Tue)01:58:25 No. fpen-75R76HIY [Report]

Hey /pen/pals a girl followed me on my instance and flirts and claims to be underage, should I have sex with this federal agent?

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Anonymous 06/21/21(Mon)05:51:24 No. fpen-PYR376WD [Report] >>fpen-VW41NVRT

>>fpen-LX9F87BP >>fpen-ZYVG3C98 sometimes when you don't get the joke, you gotta be careful to make sure that the joke isn't you (get it?)

Anonymous 06/21/21(Mon)05:52:09 No. fpen-VW41NVRT [Report] >>fpen-O0W2XOER

>>fpen-PYR376WD You’re a pedophile (unfunny bad kind)

Anonymous 06/21/21(Mon)07:55:39 No. fpen-O0W2XOER [Report] >>fpen-KC60D43K

>>fpen-VW41NVRT is there a funny kind of pedofile?

Anonymous 06/21/21(Mon)09:09:39 No. fpen-KC60D43K [Report]

>>fpen-O0W2XOER yes new fag lurk moar

Anonymous 06/23/21(Wed)09:01:11 No. fpen-VGFS3465 [Report]

>>fpen-75R76HIY (OP) her name is niggy

File: stop reading.jpg (121.53 KB)
Anonymous 05/31/21(Mon)11:20:57 No. fpen-CHYCGCSP [Report]

saw pernia irl life today here in [redacted location] rodentia. lucky i had my /stomping/ boots on 👢

Anonymous 05/31/21(Mon)12:35:18 No. fpen-NZQIKWCF [Report]

>>fpen-CHYCGCSP (OP) Did you stomp on his balls UwU

Anonymous 05/31/21(Mon)15:55:46 No. fpen-P4W8S5AR [Report]

>>fpen-CHYCGCSP (OP) what the fuck [opsec ruined] forget you ever saw me freak i put cloroform on my /tracks/ on on your /pillow/ go to bed

Anonymous 05/31/21(Mon)15:56:25 No. fpen-069Z9XUZ [Report]

@NZQIKWCF fagazoids itt (no (you)s for you pal)

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