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General spooky story thread
Okay here goes >be me, 17 at the time >home alone >mom said she'd come home 2 days later >gaming in the evening >got bored of gaming, decide to hit the bed >close my squeeky-ass door >laying in bed, almost sleeping >see door handle move, even hear is squeel like it always does >door opens ever so slightly, handle still pulled down >think mom came home early and is checking whether i'm asleep already "i'm awake still, how come you're home?" >silence >door closes with a faint squeeking sound >handle is let go of slowly, as if to avoid making a sound >get up >check her bedroom >empty >check living room >empty >the whole fucking house is empty >get back to bed >shiver
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i hear people calling my name sometimes even when nobody's there. pretty scary.
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Crow smoking a cigarette. The mysteries of nature may never be understood.
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